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  1. Hope not lol - my son had her out. Don't think the manta would do that!
  2. Yes Brady I do go to some shows . Have been to the Port, Ballymena etc. Here are a few more pictures of my white exclusive . My son saw this 400 one day he was out - would like to own this. Would like to leave the grey one to get sorted. Peter
  3. Thank Ian will give you a call when I get started. Is it only a 2.2 rocket cover.?
  4. Does anyone know the history of this grey manta? It has a 2.2 rocket cover, 71,000 miles and good solid body. The only bits needing fixed are the roof and bonnet. Any ideas how it would look with a 400 kit or keep it original? Peter
  5. Does anyone know anything about this grey manta?  Year 1987.  It has 72,000 miles and a 2.2 rocket cover.  Just bought in the summer and want to restore.  Shell is very sound.  Roof and bonnet not in great shape.  Have owned the White manta for four years.

  6. My opel manta





    1. Peter Higgins

      Peter Higgins

      Had to take the manta out to the Port yesterday for a wee run. Two hour round trip. Hasn't been out from last year. Going very well. Anyone know where I could get full locking kit and a speedometer cable. image.jpegimage.jpeg  
















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