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  1. It's been sold now (pending payment), sorry.
  2. I have a used ashley one here in sound order, yours for £20 plus postage. It may take me a while finding it tho as it's burried in my shed. I also have some other 2.0 (SEH\NE) pasrts you may be interested in such as new valves\valve springs (possibly new lifters) and a custom rocker cover.
  3. heck, I dumped a couple yesterday, leave it with me and I'll see if Ihave any more.
  4. I have one here in really good shape. Heck of a thing to post mind you.
  5. Matt, I might have a passengers seat out in my shed, I'll get a look.
  6. I'll PM you this evening, I suppose I should have mentioned they were powder coated red some time ago. I'll send you pics and see what you think.
  7. I have a set of Manta rear Drums here (NOS), they have 231mm on them. Are these the same as what you're after?
  8. Aye, they were mine. I looked out the spares box and found another set too , they didn't have the tab washers on them but got a tenner for them off the same guy.
  9. I have a gte clutch but won't be back to sun evening. If your not sorted by then I'll dig it out for you.
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