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  1. Thanks for respond ! Good to know manta's B have it i need to find one, that is just great in summer days, but better to find some used and buy new cover, probably much cheaper option than new
  2. Hi guys, I spotted beautiful panorama sunroof like from twingo on DiMarco's manta, and does anyone know some more about this ? Is this factory roof, or from some other model that fits ?
  3. Stance is great and your work... pure engineering !
  4. Greetings to everyone, this is my manta, with current status of the restoration point where just collecting parts, body work is done, have brand new original fenders front and rear, and that is for now, when work continues, i'll post more pics and videos, cheers some pics of car, seats, orig. engelmann, and gte steering wheel
  5. Hallo manta fans, my name is Nebojsa, i'm from Belgrade, capital Serbia, have my beautiful manta A
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