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  1. Was thinking of making my own inlet manifold to mount my twin 40 webbers to my manta 1.8. Any factory made manifolds seem to be made from aluminium. I was thinking of making mine out of mild steel as its easier to weld and alot cheaper to buy. I know there is the fear of it rusting over time inside but maybe it could be coated to prevent this. Anyway i was wondering of anybody was ever come across or used a steel manifold before?
  2. the manifold gasket came today and unfortunately the the holes did not match the manifold that is in the picture. So i was wondering if anybody knows where i could get a manifold to suit the webbers or if anybody has one lying around?
  3. Im looking for an inlet manifold for a manta 1.8s to suit twin 40 webber carbs
  4. I got sorted last week, thanks anyway.
  5. I have ordered one from my local motor factor but they wont have it till mid next week. so i was just taking a chance that someone on this might know!ha
  6. I might be able to pick up a cheap set of twin 40 webbers for my manta 1.8. the lad that im getting them off also has an opel 8 valve manifold but is unsure what engine it is off. My car is currently away getting work done so i cant check if it will fit my engine. So i was wondering if anyone would know by looking at the pictures i have attached if it would fit my 1.8 engine?
  7. Sorry about the late reply. 2 of the hydraulic lifters were stuck due to idleness so when the engine was started they caused the 2 followers to crack. So thats why i am replacing them.
  8. thanks for the advise, What did you search in ebay to find them as i cant seem to find them on it?
  9. looking for a set of 8 hydraulic cam followers for a manta 1.8. Does anyone know where would be the best and cheapest place to get them? Thanks
  10. I looking for a pair of rubber front brake hoses for a manta 1.8s. they are the ones with the square block on one end that the banjo bolt goes through into the caliper. I tried all my local motor factors but none of them can get them.
  11. whats the best carb upgrade to replace the varajet in my manta 1.8? Something that would improve the power and that is relativity easy to fit?
  12. new coil sorted the problem! thanks
  13. Hi all, Just finished putting in the engine in my 1800 manta and it starts perfect but it wont stay running. the weird thing is that the car will stay running if i hold the key fully turned but if i let my hand off the key it will cut out. I have good power in the wire coming from the igntion to the coil all the time. But the power seems to drop after it goes through the coil like there is something drawing the power to keep the car running.. Could this mean my coil is in trouble or could it be the resistor that is bolted onto the coil?? Any help would be much appreciated! ,
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