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  1. hi Nick .... I'm doing Sat/Sun camping Sat night 1 Manta & myself thanks
  2. The owner of DPP 117Y now I believe is Kerry Michael who owns the 2 Andrews Heat for Hire 400 rally Mantas
  3. no Jack's had DUX in his reg plate quite unforgettable lol
  4. Also i got my reminder for membership by email when I tried to reply asking can i pay at the AGM this Saturday I got a message back saying it was a non-reply service. What's going on I've tried sending a Private Message (PM) to the membership secretary Simon Peckam with no reply don't you want my membership? I don't do Pay Pal & any form of "on line" payments. Geoff
  5. Hi Steve I emailed B & R motor factors got a reply they have what we're after £39.80 + £6 postage prob VAT on top of that forgot to ask about that. They asked me to check the thread should be M14 x 1.5 ... I'm having my engine re-built so the engineers are ordering mine good luck with elimination ... let me no if ok Geoff
  6. Been in touch with B & R motor factors they have them in shop @ £39.80 + £6 postage prob VAT on top of that also ... thanks again Julian .... Les87GTE ... Steve did you get my PM to you> Geoff
  7. thanks Herman I had mine moved to the front of the engine for easy access thanks Julian for the information most grateful
  8. Hi Herman thanks for your reply ... is this part number for a left hand drive Manta as i see your from Belgium I've been given another number GM08975471 who has stated its for a right hand drive Manta. Thanks Geoff Hi Julian thanks for your reply ... do you have a contact number for "Spiney-Norman? thanks Geoff
  9. does anybody have the CD or Microfische for the part number wanted for oil pressure transducer. 1984 Opel Manta 2.0 litre CIH engine Thanks Geoff
  10. 21 bids current bid £3750 he states:- Not so good bits; Bodywork needs attention (photos attached) - usual Manta rust ........but on the plus side you can see it in it's real state ........ as an antiques dealer once told me "it's better to find a Queen Anne table in need of restoring than one that's been restored as you can see exactly what you are getting" Rear fog light is missing Original stereo cassette player has been replaced ....... but cassette rack is still in place Steering wheel has suffered badly from sunlight There's no mention what it's like underneath seems a tad high to me but people will pay what they like if they want one GLWS if this goes for £4K it will push our cars up tremendously
  11. That would be Ant from A & M Conversions going to Thornton Manor Car Show
  12. Car hasn't been taxed since May 2013 & no MOT from April 2013 https://www.vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/Default.aspx
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