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  1. There are only 52 Manta in Ukraine (officially) and the biggest part - scrap-metal. It is the first reason of parts missing. Another reason is high course of $ to grivna (UA money). The average monthly salary in Ukraine is less than 100$ (!) But that is not main reason I LIKE (LOVE,FOND OF))) repairing (even in case when everybody say that is not possible)))) Thank U very much!!! Wish your cars a million kilometres run!
  2. I promise to correct my English) U wellcome))) by the way,how are you with the presence of radiator heater? I have dystroed my(accidentally) and it was very hard to find a new one. Good that I work in the sale of spare parts(for TIR)and I have access to a variety of catalogs. Almost perfect suitable radiator heater from Dacia(Renault) Logan. Tomorrow i will try to instal Dacia radiator heater and will make a lot of photo)))
  3. I will try to remake all my posts with help of my wife.She knows English better than me)))
  4. One more post about repairing how i refresh water pump))) somebody said that our water pump , non-collapsible, therefore not repaired "beyond repair" cut ears ... so I decided to disassemble the water pump Found information on the replacement of the native fiber to LADA, bought steel fiber and went to the garage Heated impeller, gently knocked .. And then complete disconnect: Someone has been here before me; for my eyes rested on the gland, exactly the same as in my hand, just a little dirtier. Without any one round fiber Mentally buy a new pump decided to dismantle and remove the more disorderly bearing The seat turned pressing copper sleeve that led to the idea of inauthenticity bearing ,took off his size and went to google. So it turned out - the bearing of VAZ pump heater is not required, but I still heated Shot down impeller That's what I saw under the impeller Then it all dug from the pump That's actually an adapter sleeve, with shaft on the impeller (aka, his plane is pressed against the fiber) That body pump with copper sleeve I bought a new pump bearing VAZ(LADA,like Fiat 124) (330902 is his mark 16x30x39, gated) Customized to the size of the old one. Pres bearing into the pump Then again put VAZ shaft seal pumps joint sealant I drive in the sleeve back into the impeller Press on the impeller shaft measure the gap For compression flange mounting pulley The pump is assembled and ready to install. 21,01,2014 repair budget amounted to UAH 26.40 (at the then exchange rate of $ 3.18) and two hours of time I hope to help someone
  5. Some more photo about front hub : more foto:
  6. no it is not aluminium, it is steel 45 (in Germani it is steel Ck45 and C45 in France) and it was instaled via a press fit (sorry im using google translator)
  7. Ок, I"ll add some more later) The wheels is RH Mesh R16 ( I was collecting them over two years) Later i"ll show how they were instaled ( 5x120 to 4x100) Now it is 19S, but i"ll put there 2.4 16v ... may be some charger )))) After two years outdoor the colour is not so greate as it was(the paint was not good), so i decided to paint it once again. so this is my idea on a paper (about 5x120) and here they are in metal : here is the larger view: http://piccy.info/view3/4158701/eece5178791b92f5703366dd870b4d39/ http://piccy.info/view3/4158699/cff45459370cbe46cb21ce86b99b0086/ http://piccy.info/view3/4164236/18a77ef0a0d932ed10dd65276bbb6ca1/ http://piccy.info/view3/4164240/c5eadebf0c4522503ae9dfb31043fe00/ to be continued)
  8. a long time did not write anything now the car looks like
  9. Ру Ð½Ð°Ñ Ð² квартире газ. Ру ваÑ? )))

  10. Thank you) I am self-taught master. As for the four studs - more on that later. Today the car is almost ready
  11. 12.08.2012 ВзÑлÑÑ Ð·Ð° поÑледний Ñтап Ñварочных работ - передние лонжероны. И ка бы робота Ñама не проблема а вот зап.чаÑти..... Ðа Ибее покупать Клоккерхольм не дорого(отноÑительно) но доÑтавка и времÑ...кароч не Ð´Ð»Ñ Ð¼ÐµÐ½Ñ Ð²Ñе Ñто...мы легких путей не ищем))) Ðашел в нете(ÑпаÑибо огромное Glukk-у ) трафареты лонжеронов, раÑпечатал... Took the last step of welding - the front spars. And as if the robot itself is not a problem but Spareparts ..... On E-bay Klokkerholm buy not expensive (relatively) but delivery and time ... in general, not for me all this ... we are not looking for the easy way))) Found in the net (thanks to Glukk) stencils spars, printed ... Кароч Ñколько в Ровно кантор что занимаютÑÑ Ð¾Ñ‚Ñ€ÐµÐ·Ð°Ñ‚ÑŒ-выгнуть , Ñтолько получал отказов, хоть бери и Ñам режь и гни Ðо... нашлаÑÑŒ контора что за ÑимволичеÑких 450(!) гривен взÑлаÑÑŒ вырезать ето ÑчЕаÑтье на плазме,правда и мозг проипло две недели, но вот развертки лонжеронов! but in Rivne firms that are engaged in cut-bend, as is denied, though, and take himself cut and bend But ... was found that office for a nominal 450 (!)(56$) Hryvnia undertook to cut this happiness to the plasma, the truth and the brain SENSORED two weeks, but the sweep spar! И таки Ñам их поÑгибал Завтра везу в Бердичев!!! ))) finally flexed their own Tomorrow I'm taking in Berdichev !!! )))
  12. 16,11,2012 Купил на Манточку ÑалонЧег ))) Bought at Mantachku seats from Volvo C70 .Skin)))
  13. if it helps you , here are the serial numbers Opel 92 81 799 ,AVA OL 2095
  14. 5.11.2012 был в Бердичеве. С теÑтем колдуем над машиной) Пара фоток. 11.05.2012 was in Berdichev. conjure with father in law on the machine ) A couple of photo. Одна из оÑтавшыхÑÑ Ñ‚Ñ‹Ñ€Ð°Ðº: The last one hole : Ðовый порожек : New body parts: Поварен пол : floor repaired: Заднюю дверь, под резинкой Ñтекла погрызли крыÑÑ‹-транÑформеры (по кругу) : Back door under the rubber band glass was nibbled by rat - transformers (in a circle): ....и мы Ñ Ñ‚ÐµÑтем против них воюем): Ñначала делаем разрез по дырам... .... and we are fighting with them first makes an incision on the holes ... затем вырезаем вот такую плаÑтину : then cut just such a plate: пробиваем две дырдочки(потом в них проденем проволоку) : make the two holes (then they are threaded wire): и загибаем: and fold: затем, ÑобÑно , продеваем проволоку и акуратно проталкиваем в прорез , затем за проволку подтÑгиваем в угол и привариваем : then fills the wire and gently pushed into the slot, and then for the wire tightens into a corner and welds: даёшь ÑплошнÑк! ))) : welding : и шлифовка : and grind : ... и так по кругу вÑÑŽ лÑду ... And so the circle whole door
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