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  1. Can't make it any weekend in May sorry.
  2. Sorry but we are away that weekend at Beaulieu and I think it's the London to Brighton run that weekend too. We could make the weekend either side of it.
  3. Slowly getting there. Taking it carefully to make sure the chrome doesn't get damaged. So happy that she's pretty solid.
  4. Just had a Clio sunroof delivered in good condition so got that sorted when we need it. She is slowly getting stripped down so that we can have a good inspection of the body shell before We go any further. We will be trying to fabricate our own headlining as we will probably change the exterior colouring slightly and We want the interior to match. It's going to be a while before she's finished but she will be worth it I'm sure.
  5. Sorry but we can't make the drive it day as we haven't got anyone at home on that day to look after our dogs. It's my eldest son birthday and they are all going to Warner Bros Studio for the day.
  6. The Weber carb you want for 1.8s should be a 32/34 DMTL. That is the one that is fitted to our 1.8s 1984 GT I managed to pick one up brand new in the box from Beaulieu at their Autojumble a year or so ago, for £60 still on the market and still listed on the web com site.
  7. A little bit more stabilised until it can be sorted out. Bonnet and front valance.
  8. I think that the earlier cars that were made in Germany were said to be better built than the later ones made in Belgium. Our 1979 has much thicker door skins than our 1984 model, but as you say, being looked after and well maintained makes a huge difference to the cars condition. Kipil has had a hard life in London so hopefully, she can take it a bit easier here at home. Also finding a good car cover is essential too. We paid a lot of money for my cover and it's paid dividends Paul, you and Barry will be expected to get Kipil out and about when we take all three. There are four of us so when Grace is back on the road, we will have one each lol
  9. Cheers Karl, just because my old Gurl is tempremental, you know she gets upset when people talk about her lol. Put us down but we will only be bringing one of ours this time. Jim's is having some work done to his and obviously my latest acquisition won't be ready for a while so it will have to be mine. I know Grace is off the road for a while but I don't suppose it matters if it's not her as long as we get together for a good chin wag and food/drink of course ha ha.
  10. She's going to be an ongoing project. She will look good (hopefully) but not great. We are going to respray her eventually if all goes well. Early plans are to weld floor and roof, repair the exhaust (she sounds like a tank at the moment) and make her road worthy. She may make Billing this year with any luck. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. It's been in London for over twenty years and has been battered and beaten but the previous owner Charles was such a lovely fella, all he wanted was for her to go somewhere that wouldn't scrap her. She has been parked near school gates so you can imagine how many dinks she's wearing at the moment.
  11. Drivers footwell pretty solid. That's a plus, right?
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