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  1. Thats interesting and very encouraging to know, not that I'd sell mine!
  2. Thought it was mine at first, interesting to know how much it's up for.
  3. Phil N

    Gear gaiter

    I bought a new one from MM Dronton last year
  4. does this mean there will be no presence from the club, i.e stand of any sort?
  5. I know its the same weekend as Billing but is anyone going this year? Last year there were 3 or 4 mantas I think. I was hoping to do Billing on the Saturday and Uxbridge on the Sunday as this is just round the corner from me. Thanks.
  6. I have just a few jobs to do on my new toy before i can get it on the road, the main one is that it hasn't ever had any harnesses fitted so I wonder if any of you have photos of where 4 point harnesses can be mounted and positioned. It has a full cage fitted but no harness bar. Thanks in advanced.
  7. I'm sure the blitz seats were available about a year ago, not very good condition for that price IMO
  8. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980-Vauxhall-Cavalier-1-6GL-Sports-Hatch-Real-Barn-Find-48k-Miles-Manta-RUNS-/331839679154?hash=item4d432faab2:g:gycAAOSwU0RXHO7o
  9. great thanks for the replies, i will try these avenues first then, fingers crossed!
  10. I did post this in 'Parts locator' so apologise if this is a repeat but I had no joy and I'm kinda desperate now! B Coupe, my key has now worn too much and it doesn't work in the ignition barrell, the keys last journey was in my shorts pocket in the washing machine (don't know whether that was a coincidence!) Ideally I'd like a complete set (two doors, boot and ignition) with one key but not sure if I'm asking too much, a brand new set would be amazing (ducks for cover!!) Currently the car is on my driveway blocking my garage and I can only move it in a straight line as the steering lock is on.... HELP!
  11. Thanks to everyone who has replied, appreciate the help. Especially Paul who called me to discuss!
  12. I had visions of getting storing it, getting it restored and back on the road but I think I'll enjoy it for a couple of years first. Realistically going to need some TLC over the winter so should hit the streets again in 2016, we have a 11 week old baby which means I can't sneak off into the garage too early in the evenings and by the time I'm allowed I'm normally asleep on the sofa, this work malarky has a lot to answer for! Thanks for all the warm welcomes and can't wait to meet you all!
  13. forget the answer to the first question as I just needed to man up and force it a bit!
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