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  1. biffy1984 that looks very nice, looking forward to seeing it... . that's the sort of spec I'm looking for.... very similar to the Courtney Turbo spec I had
  2. no probs rutts should have the 6th spot unless already gone I also won't be in anything retro as I'm still looking for a manta but car is nice - being a bank holiday weekend - maybe just maybe we will get good weather
  3. looks interesting not been before and good to see some more mantas.... weather also looks ok so will also look to come along unless we have any manta road trips on Sunday ? are you looking to meet up before ?
  4. nop sadly don't have manta yet, was hoping to see a few. I ended up only going on Friday but had my car on display
  5. anyone going, do you have any cars going ?
  6. great to meet you all and thanks to all for making the effort to bring out the cars, each one had a good story and some very impressive builds. - sorry poor with names so going on cars had a great day looking and talking about the cars... did have a few surprises from the yellow GTE, pulled away from me a few times at round abouts, my dashboard just light up - had trouble putting the power down (traction control) - which these car have no systems like this - yes did think about turning it off, thats as far as it got yep maybe put me off a little, was thinking about it more on the way home but nop still want one Dave - no probs at all, least I could do for everyone bring out the cars for me to see driving - way better than a show I am up for the next one
  7. thanks Dave and thanks for sorting this out.... see ya tomorrow
  8. great looking forward to seeing the cars... could you confirm est time to meet at thurrock services
  9. weather is looking better, maybe a nice day after all camera charged how many do we have going if good weather and are we still meeting up at Simons... oh and any GTE still going...
  10. sadly not surprised, been keeping an eye on the weather each day..... 3rd I am OK with however still showing rain, but could change. changing the date could also free up some others that maybe able to join 31st is out for me
  11. weather isn't looking good at all... however weather sites most of the time get it wrong -- so hopefully could still be a dry day. if raining are you guys still going to bring out these nice cars ?
  12. route looks good... yep can meet you at Thurrock services. Maldon wow haven't been since being little, mates and I used to see who could cycle up the maldon hill the quickest and then go crab fishing... Colchester... hmmm windmill and hippodrome nightclubs in the Manta GTE, being a lad then had to have a loud exhaust Thanks, the afla is a special edition and is very nice, fingers crossed for good weather What a shame Roy, would be great to see an exclusive again, as you said just don't see them any more, even when I had mine these were rare...
  13. oh..... Ian did suggest his plans changed and now maybe able to make it but would confirm i know its off topic but when is the next ride/show, as im looking at the exclusive and would be great to see a few.... unless we can get a few to join at Simons.......
  14. morning some very nice cars, must remember camera are most the execlusive further a field as i understand your going from kent area, up through essex, stopping for lunch then onto Simons. if i join at Simons i'll miss lunch ;( or is the route the other way round ? either way will look to join near starting point, when you get near m25/a12 area-ish or Simons any update on route ? Not sure what car, will depend on weather, could be a nice alfa spider
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