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  1. I agree rapierdave , on another club I'm on the committee of you can go on the site and join up or renew membership , you can browse the forum etc but not comment or get full access . I would never not pay my membership as I like the club scene and being able to swap stories etc , the point I was hoping to make is that in all honesty with the level of access non members are afforded I can see why some wouldn't join !
  2. I agree it's a great club and the membership fee is one of the cheapest about for club membership , I'm just astounded that none members can come on the forum and use a service paid for by paid up members , oh and then piss and moan about the club to add insult to injury ! It's just my personal opinion that none members get way too much access to the club , after all that's what the membership fee gets you .
  3. Hi all , I'd like an answer from the committee if possible , recently I've been coming on the forum and it turns out that people without membership can use the forum and read posts and comment just the same as I can , I'm puzzled by this and I'm failing to see why I pay my membership fee ? I also find that some people begrudge the membership fee of a meer £25 saying it's too much , in my opinion this is because they're offered too many club member benefits without having to join the club , I feel the answer is stop access to the forum for none members and then they'd feel like their membership fee was actually getting them something . I think a shake up is in order , also scrap the several membership options and give them one membership fee of the £ 25 it'd save loads of messing about and sorting out who has what level of membership , I'll bet some one with just web access got a free bbq last year at billing !!!! So in short can some one explain why the membership fee gets members very little more than none members?? hats off to all committee members by the way , it's a thankless task 👍
  4. It's none of my business but the best solution here it seems is stop giving options to members , it's a flat membership fee for full membership and you'd save all the crap over a poxy tenner !!!
  5. I don't usually comment but why is it there's always someone who criticizes how a car club is run , in my experience these people are nowhere to be seen when there's something needs doing or a club position becomes available ! Maintaining forward momentum and harmony in a car club is very difficult as is pleasing all the members , I'm on the committee of a ford club so see it from all sides and there are some members clubs can well do without !
  6. Hi Christina , you're not the only ford lover on this forum , I've owned mk1cortinas since I was 16 back in 1986 , I usually have an old ford in the workshop for restoration , did you get your cortina parts from Richard barker ? I did the paint and afterwards repaired the accident damage on his blue mk5. So no need to feel like you've been thrown to the lions . Regards craig
  7. I'm going to be making a carpet for a car of Simon Peckhams over the next few weeks , it will be tailor made and fit perfectly , the polypropylene versions of carpet are usually crap and wear very badly so mine will be a better quality carpet hence more money than the eBay listed one , it'll have a heal mat and fully bound edges . I'll post pics when it's done if anyone may be interested , he's having me make one because commercially available ones are not very good in his opinion . Regards craig
  8. Thanks for the comments and yes Dave I plan for it to be at billing , need to do a few bits of tidying first , powder coat wheels etc and paint both sides and sort a couple of trim bits out . Thanks Simon for sorting that out and I look forward to being able to read all the posts . Can't put up a profile pic It says it's too large so I'll have a mess about . Regards Craig
  9. This is my car . Had it since Christmas and not done anything other than enjoy driving it so far .
  10. Hi again ,thanks for the welcomes , yes I've paid and have my membership pack through from simon and sat and read the mag while my son was in the bath so managed 20 mins peace and quiet . Just registered for the forum today , Steve I'll make the tank covers this weekend, I'll post s pic on Facebook page . Thanks
  11. Thanks guys , My car is already known to the club and appeared on Facebook on rabs pictures of the York agm , it's the 78 sapphire blue coupe , Regards Craig
  12. Just registered on the forum but not sure how to get it to recognize I'm a member , only just joined the club and have already met a few of the very friendly members at the York agm , not sure how to post pictures either so hoping for some advice on both matters , I've loved mantas since I was a boy when my dad had a sr Berlinetta so obviously that's what ive ended up with , Regards Craig
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