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  1. I often wondered would it be expensive to get a new wiring loom made up for a Manta?🤔
  2. Hello from a fellow Irish (Manta) owner. Welcome to the forum! Nice Cavalier...not many of those left in Ireland (though I do know of another in the same colour - a relation of mine has it squirrelled away in his garage) You're right that this place is a mine of information and helpful posters - long may in continue that way!
  3. Would these suit the rear axle of a 1978 1.9 automatic? I dont know if I actually need them or not at present...
  4. Iirc, that white Berlinetta is in Ireland a few years now.
  5. Nice to see an early B being saved - and kept original! I’ve a 1978 1.9SR Berlinetta coupe.
  6. Back on eBay again? Was listed a couple of weeks ago...I posted about it on this forum.
  7. When I get stuck into my Manta I'll be handing it over for its repaint fully stripped-out, incl glass.
  8. What would "a strip and professional respray" cost (approx)?
  9. He bought several classic cars back in the 1990's as 'investments'. His plan was to store these cars indoors. However the Manta is one of many stored outdoors. He still views them as 'investments' 😑
  10. I owned a yellow 1.6 B back in the 90's. I know where it is, but the guy is letting it rust away rather than sell it to anybody 😑
  11. Is it possible to adjust lhd headlamps to suit rhd cars?
  12. There's a complete red Manta interior available on the Facebook page for £50. The seller states that he will burn it if it's not sold soon! https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1290409247765654&id=100003897741147&set=gm.10157107663609391&source=48
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