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  1. I'm looking for the drivers side rear 1/4 glass window for an ascona b ,2 door 1977
  2. Hi snowy do you still have this panel and how much is it , thanks paul
  3. They are for a manta I need ascona b ones
  4. I'm looking for a pair of right hand drive headlights or lenses for my ascona b 1977
  5. The sump is off it won't fit with the original that's my next job trying to find one or make one , I'm hopeing to use the ecu , I have all the Vxr wiring , the problems I might have will include. The abs , airbags, sport suspension mode , but I'm sure I'll get round it somehow
  6. Posted more photos on our Facebook page --- joe wolfendale Jps motors
  7. The Astra vxr 2.0 leh is 240 bhp standard so should be quite easy to get to around 290 - 300 bhp. More photos on our Facebook page, joe Wolfendale ( Jps motors )
  8. Just seen a 2 door ascona b on eBay

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    3. Vxr ascona b

      Vxr ascona b

      Hi no still looking for headlights and the o/s rear 1/4 glass

    4. yeti132


      I'll get what I have down the garage sure I have a spare set did you look at the link I sent you got some 1/4 glass on there

  9. Yes it's going rhd, and yes it's origanal 2 door imported from Germany I paid 900 euros for it , and it's solid , the floor has had about 3 patches at the front the rest is mint , the sills are mint and original the left side rear atrch has been welded in but I've got a replacement rear 1/4 panel from Germany and it's a full original back wing , no kit leaving it as standard outside , the magnum isn't mine but that's the colour I'm looking towards , a nice metalic grey , retro looking
  10. Looking like I'll have make a bespoke manifold and get another turbo Garrett t3 or similar or even bigger , I'm going try and mount it on the upside rather than facing downwards so when you open the bonnet it will be straight in your face,
  11. Donor Astra vxr cat c write off cost me £2500 , but I have everything I need engine , wiring , ecu , brakes etc,sold the seats , wheels , gearbox, and some other bits and recouped £2000 already looks like a no brainer
  12. http://s1297.photobucket.com/user/Joe_Wolfendale/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zps5bxlwrzm.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
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