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  1. Hi , I have a set of manta B bumpers with overiders and the rubber still attached to the bumper. I have no idea if these would work on an A bumper, you would need to check with some of the guys here. If they might be of any use , give me a shout.
  2. Folks, Just to let you know , this car is available for sale. Only thing that has changed , I guess is we are all 2 years older ........ The details of the car are still the same , price also. Just so your aware , i am looking to sell all my mantas all be it I am not in a hurry. I have firmed up in my mind that it is time to sell up, as the cars do not get used , and the guilt of keeping them hidden away . One person 3 cars all different styles ,which I have enjoyed building and owning for different reasons. Appreciate that the styles of each of the cars is not to every ones taste, but as i have been fortunate enough to have owned 3 coupes , i liked having the different styles,. So me selling up the cars may well bring 3 new members to a great club. My white 400r sold last week ,although the car is still in my garage, the v8 is advertised on Facebook market place. Please dont frown that i have not put it here as I am the worlds least technical person in computers , phones and all that stuff. My wife has put the red car up for me on facebook in an account that i apparently have. Its been 25 years of manta ownership and i like to think, in my own way that i have been doing my bit for the mark up here in the north east and north of Scotland, and I am delighted to see so many projects up this way being finished to a high standard. There are roughly 10 -12 cars up this way these days when at one point there were only 3 or 4 of us. I say 25 years of ownership ,but that may be longer , if i dont get a buyer for the cars. It would be really nice for the cars to be appreciated and seen. When I can or someone can , I will see if I can get some additional pics of the interior and engine bay, i dont believe you would be disappointed with the condition this car is still in. There have been a few people shown interest in the car , but the price has been a sticking point. Coupes at auction recently have done very well , having more owners and higher miles ,not in exclusive trim . Not having alot to go on to gauge a price except what cars can make at auction and what it would take for me to let it go. On the subject of spares , I would say, i have accumulated quite a few, I will sort something out in the coming weeks in terms of a list . I got 1 of the local lads coming to pick some spares first.
  3. Hey Mike , car looks mighty fine. Top job ! Home straight now! 👍
  4. Lovely car ! Colours painted on impresses me , god knows how much time and effort that would have taken . Price looks fair to me, considering what it costs to restore a standard car without mods .everybit as good as a genuine 400 without the price tag . Not many people are bothered with detail when they see my 400r manta. I imagine it would be the same seeing a pretty unique car like the Ascona. It’s a 2 door ascona in the best livery imo.
  5. Lot of work done by the sounds of it plus respray. On the money I would say !
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