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  1. Hi all, is there anyway of adjusting the door glass to eliminate the gap as per photo. Same on both doors
  2. Would anyone have the part No for the square one. Cheers
  3. Hi, can anyone tell me which coil I should be using (round or square) on 88 gte 2.0e engine. Cheers ps where is the best place to buy them?
  4. Would anyone have an alternator mounting bracket for a 2.0e 1988. Just snapped mine trying to get the alternator on with new bushes !! Cheers
  5. Hi Sutty, I am in Northern Ireland so should be just pop in an envelope. Cheers
  6. Does anyone have a bonnet hook for a b coupe 1988. Don't need the locking mechanism just the finger hook that attaches to the bonnet ( if they ever had one !!) Cheers
  7. Hi Sutty, did you get my message??
  8. Sutty, let me know how much you want for it please
  9. Cheers that would be great if you have. Let me know and I will get you paid
  10. looks like I am missing the clip to hold the cable in And the clip to hold the two levers in place !!!
  11. Hi would anyone have a photo of the cables on the heater controls on the rhs of the dash binacle. I'm sure I am missing something from mine. Cheers
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