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  1. Good evening, if you don't get sorted out with the bonnet hook let me know. is it the bit on the bonnet you need?


    1. JeffShaw


      Yes mate 

  2. Let me knowhow much you want for it. Cheers
  3. Does anyone have a bonnet hook for a b coupe 1988. Don't need the locking mechanism just the finger hook that attaches to the bonnet ( if they ever had one !!) Cheers
  4. Having a mare getting mine to seal right !!!
  5. cheers lads much appreciated
  6. cheers would anyone have a pic of where exactly they go. Cheers
  7. Hi all, these were in a bag labelled window fittings. Has anyone any ides where they go or if they are even required Cheers
  8. Cheers, just looking the seat back, not worried about colour as the trimmer may be able to use the material off the two hatch seat backs. Will send you my number
  9. Hi, yes in Comber, I have an 88 exclusive coupe with grey interior.Where are you?
  10. Cheers but Danny Omerod is sending me one. You wouldn't happen to have a rear seat back for a coupe !!!
  11. Cheers, looks like I have the wrong one, will need to find a round one
  12. Can anyone show me a close up of how the rectangular washer bottle fits in a b coupe exclusive. Can't find any holes to attach it to Cheers
  13. Hi I need a rear seat back for a coupe in grey. I have hatchback rears so dont fit Cheers
  14. Cheers, looks like I have hatch seats so need to find coupe ones now!!
  15. Hi, starting to finally get bits pit into the coupe. The rear seat back looks like it should be for a hatch not a coupe as they both fold. Is there any difference in them. Cheers
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