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  1. Looking for exhaust manifold for A series 1900 is different to standard type I have seen on ebay as is big gasket type and has part number 3 456 286 believe there are several part numbers I have attached photo of style of manifold needed Any help in locating one happy to purchase and pay postage costs
  2. At last after 2 summers off the road and some final tweaking should be on the road in next couple of weeks
  3. Forgot to mention that what is your eco tech from was it a front wheel drive or rear wheel drive model as the oil pump and pick up pipe work connection differs there are 2 types and you may have to change the oil pump to get the right fitting for the manta 1800 pick up pipe there this a round type or oval type the round type is what is required https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=x20vex+removal+of+balance+shaft&prmd=visn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjw-6W31OzYAhUMJsAKHdOvDN0Q_AUIEigC&biw=768&bih=917#imgrc=yGsuHpedCy17xM:
  4. Hi this the balance shafts you can remove although you will need to add grub screws into the main bearing caps and put them in with thread lock I have done this conversion with modified sump plate and then big wing sump from manta 1800 gte you can buy big wing sump all steel on eBay for about £250 as Alloy ones are so hard to find now any questions I can help you out andy
  5. I Kevin nice to see another A series joining Please add some photos I currently have 1972 A series with xe engine transplant built not brought
  6. Forget to mention you should retain 5 oil pressure on gauge pre start up as the pressure is made mainly from the gap between the shells and journals not necessary the oil itself strange but true engine need to retain some oil pressure to prevent damage on start up Pump just gets it around in close system If you have rwd not an easy job to reshell with engine out if washer or sticking plunger is not the cure
  7. Did you add all the washers in the kit front and back of spring Fitted this kit as I was having same problem with new standard oil pump now with kit fitted have 60-80 on start up a 25 on idle 50 whilst driving Standard xe oil pressure is 20 on idle and 50-60 on start up Believe you can add more washers have hear of people getting 100 oil pressure which will cause more problems sounds great but reality will not help You will need to take plunger out and stick your finger up and make sure there are no burns in the opening your can emery the plunger down or the channel opening with 1200 wet and dry
  8. You could try Dr manta although current online shop is closed opens up again in week or so https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.co.uk&sl=de&u=http://s442721238.e-shop.info/shop/catalog/browse%3Fsessid%3DF10MEqYHfN2EatXfIOCmt8zNsTkEFngNDV28vFtM2VTrheVEKSAiugQFd60DH86z&usg=ALkJrhg4TWAv-XnKTVMT9g7mycoAxjWRiw
  9. These are subframe mounts (pictured) and engine mounts connect to these Subframe mounts are very rare and hard to obtain the engine mounts are easy to get from eBay in Germany if you change you eBay settings on app eBay version will let you search actual german eBay rather than sellers who list international listings I have managed to obtain rear seat and loads of parts this way is best way of obtaining parts postage charges from Germany to UK is cheaper than trying to arrange from the UK if you can get seller to arrange you will save 15 -20% on postage cost Hope this helps
  10. Hi Andy Not sure if links I posted are working . Have seen your forum and read it sounds like you have a task and taking 3 years will be good when it finally complete My conversion was 6 months in the planning and obtaining all the parts and 3 months focused on rebuild of engine and installation as only to get 1 day per week to dedicated to build Worst part was fuel injection system with engine management system not really easy to set up No reall help on the web on ecotec conversion lots of advice on forums but no real guide maybe something I will draft and post Andy
  11. Would like to see your photos to see how you are getting on
  12. http://s1353.photobucket.com/user/andpark80/library/simply%20vauxhall%20and%20opel?sort=3&evt=email_share_media&page=1 Link above is from last year simply Vauxhall 2014 Second link is work completed over the last 4 months http://s1353.photobucket.com/user/andpark80/library/Mobile%20Uploads?sort=3&evt=email_share_media&page=1 Still fine tuning to be done and rolling road and running in before major outings Based in Fareham
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