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  1. If I were to get caught and ended up buying a bit of a puppy GTE Coupe. What is the availability of repair / replacement panels ?
  2. They do seem to be like hens teeth. I am completely out of touch with their values it seems. I was hoping £30k - £40k would buy one. So plan B I will keep a look out for an immaculate GTE coupe, possibly a 400 lookey likey
  3. Thanks for the welcome chaps. I also live in Woburn Sands and drive past your car park daily
  4. Hi, I have been stalking the various forums, but felt it time to join. I can't offer any help to you guys as you know way more than I. I'm hoping that I can get some help and advice finding a Manta 400. I'm not sure how ridiculous that may sound, but here is hoping
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