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  1. Hi All,Im looking for a pair of opel manta genuine side skirts.thanks
  2. Busy man, you have more projects(money pits) that i do. ha ha i hope to have mines finished by next summer all going good.
  3. Hi Mate,Are you swapping the front panel for an ascona one? Iv looked at a few kits and prices and the best so for is a crowd in Northen Ireland youbro kits(they are on facebook) Erwin Peters in Germany is 2200 euros and P+P :-( I have been talking to him and he is in the process of making complete fiberglass wings for the Ascona 400 kit. but they will not be ready till june/july. I have got the front HS bumper and spoiler from him for my Chevette and i can honestly say it was great quality. Very easy to fit.little work for my body man. As for wheels if your going 5X120 15" revolution your talking £1000+
  4. OK.. So i have just finished off my Vauxhall chevette 13gt project. Now its time to get back at the ascona.Im in two minds weather to go full 400 rally kit look or go the 400 road car look. I toyed with the idea of selling it as i was offered a car i have wanted to buy for years. But i gathered up a few pound and bought it, So it is going to the back of the garage!
  5. What kind of money? Could you post to london? Thanks Dan
  6. Hi All, I am in bad need of a set of complete manta side skirts. Thanks, Dan
  7. Iv just bought this little beauty don't know if I'm allowed to put it up here but feck it.
  8. Maybe this is not the right forum for this but feck it.im looking for two wings for a vauxhall chevette. Thanks everyone
  9. So iv just bought a large door stopper ha ha I hope some one on here might have some spare bits ;-(
  10. Hi all, Iv just bought a LSD for a manta axle, I think its a zf type. But its missing the planet and side gears.will a standard manta diff planets and side gears work? Any help would be great. Thanks Dan
  11. Hi everyone.can anyone help me.my Ascona is an auto shell.is there any different in it and a manual shell as im trying to get a carpet for it.thanks dan
  12. Hi all,can anyone tell me,does Opel monza door cards for an Ascona/manta door? Thanks all
  13. hi mate.lovely ser cars.i älskar ascona.im försöker bygga en nu myself.do du fortfarande har andra blitz interiör ? skulle du säljer den främre en baksätet ? tack dan
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