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  1. Hi Beeblebrox, Very nice Manta you have there, the black alloys really suit the car 👍
  2. Should be easy enough to pick up an original bumper to fit, at least you have your paint and an expert at spraying front bumpers. Great effort so far, it’s coming along nicely 👍
  3. Are they being serious with this add, I’m sure I bought this a couple of year’s back for something like £24, they do the job perfect but at that price I think I would be looking to glue the old ones back on, even if it took a few attempts and different adhesive’s. It states more than 10 available so they can’t be short of supply. That means my manta has just increased in valve by £800 😜 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202280716874?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=PpEWDwv3QHG&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=EzFkRTiTQ2G&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  4. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Another beautiful summer day here up in the North East of Scotland, so decided to have a run out in the Manta up to Fyvie Castle, The Estate ground’s there are beautiful, There is a vintage rally here on Sunday 18th September, would like to attend but think I’ve got other comments that weekend, will see nearer the time, Eventually I’ve been able to track down a Black mast Ariel, I didn’t think the Chrome one suited the Manta, so changed it over, A quick photo of the Daytona check Recaros,
  5. I use the Disklok, it’s a bit cumbersome stored behind the seats, but at least some security when parked up.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202280716874?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=PpEWDwv3QHG&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=EzFkRTiTQ2G&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY Reprotec do new replacement rear quarter glass hinges and new rubber’s, these usually come in at roughly £28 - £30 don’t know what’s happening to the price in the add though? I have bought and fitted a set about 3 years ago and they work well.
  7. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    That’s us heading for home, Orkney has been brilliant, what a beautiful place, well worth the visit, Had a quick look in past The Italian Chapel on our way back to St Margaret’s Hope to board ferry, Queuing up waiting to board, This is the ferry we got when we arrived and it’s the same one on the way home, believe this or not, this shouldn’t have been the ferry we got, the one we booked ran aground about a month ago, they are saying that they put it on autopilot and the guy fell asleep, That’s me on again and happy with the parking space, this ferry was up for sale but they have put it back into service till they get the other one back into service again.
  8. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Attended the Orkney Vintage Rally today then the club lad’s went out for a run to tour and see the sights, We stopped for photos outside St Magnus Cathedral before we set off, We made our way to the Ring of Broadgar standing stone’s taking in the view’s as we went, Another photo opportunity at Scapa Beach.
  9. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Left to right, Orkney Gold, Scapa special and lastly Dark island 👍
  10. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Went to see the St Magnus Cathederal and the grounds of the Bishops and Earl’s Palace this morning, we are going to see the Italian chapel on Monday, this afternoon we went to see a few motors that are tucked away up here, A nice porche 911 targa, An immaculate Vauxhall Lotus Carlton But the most interesting of the lot was this newly completed Manta GT/E coupe, nearly identical to mine, going out with a few lads and wife’s from up here in Orkney to the Kirkwall Hotel and hopefully a few beers. me parked up for the night ready for the vintage rally tomorrow.
  11. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    We had a 14 mile drive to reach Kirkwall where we are staying at High Park Lodge, on our short journey up we passed the wreckage of the SS Reginald at the third Churchill Barrier, absolutely stunning views, these photos were taken in dwindling light 8.45pm, We Soon reached Kirkwall, Lodge is really nice clean and tidy with parking down the side, parked up for the night and retreat for a beer, Spot of sight seeing tomorrow.
  12. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Packed the Manta, as usual the wife had to review how much she was taking, but the boot was still packed full, I packed lightly, but I have taken spares just in case, replacement fuel pump, coil, ECU, air flow meter, tools, clips etc, when I start thinking about it, maybe it’s me that’s packing a lot, The manta was sitting a lot lower than usual, we motored up from Peterhead along the coast road, up through Elgin, Inverness, had a stop at Dunbeath for a Coffee, we had loads of time so while up in the North of Scotland we took a look in past John O Groats, Orkney only 8 miles across the North Sea, We boarded the ferry at Gills bay 7.30pm as you can see we were packed on tightly, must admit I was concerned about parking up but all was good, an hour later on a calm crossing we arrived at St Margaret’s Hope roughly 8.30pm,
  13. Welcome Beeblebrox, I use my Manta b GT/E as much as possible in the spring/summer months. I’m averaging approximately 3000mls per year with it. I’ve been on longer journeys with it roughly 250 miles which amounts to a 4 hour journey, 500 mile round trip with no issues at all, that was last year’s big journey. This week I’m away to drive up to Orkney and take in the vintage rally there including a ferry crossing at Gills bay, that’s again roughly 220mls up the road. The Manta cruses nicely on the roads, sits easy at 60-70mph and keeps up with modern traffic. I do miss cruise control and air conditioning but when you’re driving a Manta you soon forgot about that and just enjoy the car for what it is. If it’s a daily driver you would definitely need to keep on top of servicing and maintenance, stock brake set up is a lot different from modern cars possibly requiring a different driving style and more stopping distance. To be honest even from new I don’t think they were the best at keeping rain out and soaking carpets so I do try and only drive in dry day’s, security when parked I think would be another concern, but yes I think a well look after Manta re maintenance could easily make a daily driver. 👍
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