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  1. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    I took the Manta out of winter hibernation today so I could fit the OMOC round window stickers I purchased from the club shop, it was nice and sunny but bitterly cold, the Manta is completely useless even with the small amount of snow she was skating around, how people coped with these back in the 80’s as a daily driver in the winter must have been a nightmare, still, she looks the part, even when there is snow on the ground. Back into hibernation in the garage, CTEK battery conditioner connected up and breathable car cover on 👍 Can’t wait for spring!
  2. Mike.


    I’ve read on other forums it’s had welding to Swan necks, rear arches require work, this may see it sell for an achievable amount and make a really nice manta once done, I like it a lot, even with the exclusive spoiler.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224317433128
  4. I do feel that it’s a reflection that both coupe and hatch are now both desirable if in first class condition, the hard work having been done. They now survive in limited numbers and again this is another factor pushing good sales prices.......... eventually our Manta’s getting the recognition they deserve and closing the gap with the rival Ford Capri.
  5. Mike.


    Are you checking the Facebook groups as well Wayne, Opel Manta b series buy and sell, Opel Manta uk fan club, Opel Manta owners club, possibly more chance of getting one for sale there than on the usual web searches, e bay, car and classic etc been over them tonight and absolutely nothing for a coupe.
  6. Mike.

    84 Manta GTE

    This looks a superb example, shouldn’t take much to bring it into first class condition since it’s been stored well 👍
  7. Just to let you hear the Sportex exhaust on start up 👍
  8. Hi hoobby, I have fitted the complete Sportex exhaust system to my GT/E and it fitted spot on, no hassles. To me it’s value for money, it’s an everyday exhaust, easy to live with and not too noisy. At the time I priced up an Ashley or Miltek stainless steel exhaust, can’t remember which one, it came in at around £900 and I couldn’t justify the cost so Sportex it was, I’m happy with it.
  9. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    A small addition to my garage today, an original 1988 Hysteria tour poster. These lads was my soundtrack of 1988 and Hysteria still my favourite album of all time. Soon as I get my CD player fitted I’ll be listening to Hysteria and Adrenalize again,
  10. During my restoration, I stripped all paint from my panels, inside and out. The rust converter was used on the bare steel where rust had been just to add a level of protection especially in areas I couldn’t get at, seam welds, box section etc then coated in zinc primer to stop flash rusting and handed into my local body shop. There the professionals again stripped the panels to bare steel, this time opting for coating all metal in red lead then epoxy primer. They suggested red lead was excellent at rust protection but if left can be pours and let moisture back into the metal so they then sealed it all with a top coat of epoxy. The process can be seen on Mike’s Manta in your projects, loads of photos of bodywork, panel prep and spraying, hope this helps. Epoxy primer if you can get some I think would be a good idea.
  11. Seasons Greetings and a happy new year to you and your family IanMc, it’s great to hear the news and vast improvement’s your son has made, father and son bonding time over small project’s in the garage is probably the best medicine you can get, certainly a confidence boost and a sense of satisfaction once done 👍
  12. Hi mepbowls, The job list to do doesn’t look too bad, the underside of bonnet will be a good one to start with, I would bring it all back to bare metal, small wire wheels both the flat ones and round ones to access all the tight areas, treat with a rust converter, zinc primer and paint, then fill all box sections with wax oil. Be careful not to generate too much heat with the wire wheels and burn the paint on the top of the bonnet. I removed all paint from my panels and I remember the bonnet was one of the panels that took a while, quite time consuming but worth the effort, I think once you start you will be drawn into it and there will be no stopping you 👍
  13. Great to hear your reunited with your old manta, look forward to reading the progress updates 👍
  14. Would cost roughly £16 a month. I was talking about this with a friend and he was saying would you want your car back after it had been found in a lock up all stripped? would it ever be the same again? My answer was if you’re talking about modern cars, BMW M2,3,5 Audi RS5, or other high end motors, with all the electronics in them, 4 wheel drive systems, launch control etc it may never be the same again. So for a modern car i would rather have a replacement from the insurance. But in the classic cars like the Manta, most of them have been stripped and rebuilt for the restoration, no fancy electronics etc so in a classic car scenario I would rather have it back as the insurance would not find it easy to buy you a direct replacement, parts could still be sourced and car re built again.
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