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  1. I would ask you transport company for a refund, they have parked your manta upside down on your driveway 🤪 joking aside, lovely looking manta, don’t sell her this time, enjoy 👍
  2. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Every year, Peterhead always hosts a Scottish Week, every day and evening has special events organised over the week, red arrows, bay swim, raft race, pipe bands, special discounts in shops etc, today was the vintage car show and at 2pm parade through the town centre for floats and cars,
  3. Welcome to the OMOC Phil, sounds a great car, does that mean your GSI comes with the black bolsters and red inserts on your Recaro seats 👍
  4. 1972 Opel Manta A 1.9 on e bay, imported, needs some work. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203519632212
  5. Unbelievable what you have achieved there, brilliant! I would not have thought that could have been rescued 👍
  6. I know exactly what you mean, the small orange o ring, like a cutting of hose on top left of timing case. I have cleaned all faces of timing case, head and block but as yet I haven’t purchased a complete gasket set, that’s on my to do list for assembly in the Autumn, along with oil stem seals and head bolt set I need to purchase these parts so in the meantime I’m pushing forward with cleaning and dismantling in preparation. I also have a Kent 214 fast road cam which I intend to fit but don’t know if my existing hydraulic lifters will do or if I need to purchase solid lifters?
  7. I recently got the opportunity to pick up this 2.0E Cih engine and Getrag 5 speed gearbox locally, it’s from an 1986 C reg Manta coupe which was stripped and prepared for rallying. My intention is to strip down and re build so I have a reconditioned engine and box ready to go, plus it gives me a small project just to keep me busy. The 2.0E cih with P2E head, Getrag 5 speed gearbox, starting to strip off all ancillaries and box them up, ready to clean when I get a minute, flywheel bolt removed, probably easier on the pallet rather than in the engine bay, Clutch plate and clutch removed, P bolt marked and flywheel removed so I can mount the engine on the engine stand, Rocker cover, timing casing/ oil pump and sump all stripped, cleaned and painted, engine mounted on stand and block de greased, wire brushed and painted with HT engine paint just to keep things cleaner in the garage, now I can work on it with getting oil everywhere, my next job will be to start cleaning the inlet manifold, exhaust manifold etc so I have clean parts to work with then the full strip down and re build, probably a autumn/winter project. had a quick go over a small part of the gearbox with a wire brush to get an idea of the final results with the box, looks encouraging, loads more time needed on this along with an oil change,
  8. Really nice to see the gte with square headlights and wipers, l like that look 👍
  9. Does this look like a dealer fitted sunroof? it’s colour coded with white perforated glass, works perfectly and brilliant in the hot days, this is the one I have in my polar white coupe, thanks 👍
  10. Both red ones had dealer glass sunroofs and the white one was a nonsunroof from memory. Interesting, How do you recognise dealer glass sunroof’s was there a particular manufacturer they used or a specific installation method?
  11. I would think it would be just cosmetic yes. I run the Sportex system on my manta and feel that the 3” chrome tail pipe is large enough and isn’t too overbearing at the rear of the manta. look at page 12 on Mike’s Manta in your project, I have a rear view photo near the bottom of that page which shows the 3” chrome tail pipe 👍
  12. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Just got my Alpine CDA-9855R fitted this week into the Manta, a plastic dash extender was used, It’s front loading, just one CD at a time, plus a handy remote control for when you are driving. I know I have went for originality with the build but haven’t opted for this with the CD player, this is what I would have done when I was 17 so why not, I think I’m safe to say that’s my project completed now, it’s taken 5 years from start to finish, I’ll still have the ongoing maintenance, services, MOT’s etc but that smaller jobs I can take at a more leisurely pace 👍
  13. Most certainly I would like a complete rear manta b coupe panel, but it would be price depending, I’ll push the yes button so as to show interest and hopefully get 20+ and the price as keen as possible 👍
  14. Would the rear panel include the inner rolled top double skin where the boot latch, lights and wiring are recess into?
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