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  1. The standard 2.0E needs 2.5bar pressure at the injectors from the fuel pump, you might be different with a 2.7 engine, what’s the pressure you are getting if you are saying insufficient? have you tested it.
  2. The original Bosch ones now will be very hard to source I would think.
  3. The description to me reads the diaphragm damper/ pressure regulator is present at the petrol tank side but the regulator on the Fuel return line in engine bay is missing?
  4. Have a look in the project section “Mike’s Manta” page 4, I sourced a new Bosch diaphragm damper and put up part numbers as well, just to give others the information if they needed. wasn't cheep though, needed a small mortgage for all it is!!!!
  5. And the addition of the indicator on the front wing.
  6. That’s a great looking coupe, should reach its estimated value easily enough I would expect. 👍
  7. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    My original Manta heater fan motor has just packed in, so I searched on this forum about VW Polo heater fan upgrades. On Saturday I went to my local breakers yard, couldn’t find a suitable VW Polo but stumbled across a MK2 VW Golf, so I removed the fan motor and armed with screenshots of “how to” I set to work, the easy part was stripping the plastic from the VW fan motor, removing the Manta housing from the broken fan motor and installing the VW Golf fan motor in the plastic using angle brackets and jubilee clip, with help of another Manta owner and a few WhatsApp calls to keep me right I identified the wiring colours, Brown wire was negative, white wire speed 1, yellow and black wire speed2, yellow wire speed 3. next issue was grafting the old wiring loom black connector to the new fan motor, it was decided to use speed settings 2&3 and blank speed 1 off, the original connector was grafted on just behind my insulating tape numbers and the resistor zip tied in place to stop it rattling about, quick note on above picture, I had to reverse the red and brown wire spades right next to the motor to get the fan to run in the right direction, definitely needs checking before finally fitting in place ( don’t ask me how I found out 🤣) again advice was saught for old colours, Black wire was negative, grey speed setting 1, yellow speed setting 2, The original old black Plastic heater wires connector was grafted on, new VW Golf fan motor installed inside the Manta heater box, it is a tight fit in there, cover and rubbers fitted, battery connected back up and now I have a functional heater again but with a 100% improvement on power.
  8. Happy ending to this one, Saturday morning I went out to the wooden shed to feed my cat, (a stray cat came to stay 17 years ago and has never left 🙃) and there was a cardboard box in there addressed to me???? I hadn’t ordered anything on line, I wasn’t expecting any parcels??? i opened it, there wrapped up in bubble wrap was an original card radiator tray, with a compliment slip in it from a lad in Montrose, kept me smiling all weekend, of course I fitted it without delay, last piece in my jigsaw......brilliant 👍
  9. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    I’m definitely happy with how she looks now that she is completed and on the road, she does take a good photo, the amount of looks and comments I get every evening I’m out is amazing, I had a lad in a motorbike following me for ages, I was probably sitting about 50mph, eventually on a big long clear stretch he would overtake, but instead of blasting past as I would have expected, he drove slowly up to the drivers window gave us the thumbs up then opened her up and blasted away, brilliant 😄
  10. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Had a quick run into Fraserburgh tonight as it was a lovely evening again, I maybe left it a little too late for photos as it was getting dark, the scale of the boats up close is unbelievable,
  11. Getting out in the Manta for the first time in a lot of years gives you a great deal of satisfaction and reinforces the fact that all the time and effort spent in the garage was worth while, looking good in your video, drives well, well done 👍
  12. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Went up to my local park tonight for some exercise, took the Manta out as it was a beautiful still evening, I'm quite happy with how the engine has settled in after the rebuild, I’m now 3 miles short of turning 60,000mls on the speedo, after I got home I thought it would be best to remove the bugs on the front instead of letting them dry on, white paint and bugs are not the best combination 😁
  13. I see it has been sold. I’m not very often on Facebook so I have missed it.
  14. I’m looking for a good condition original Opel Manta B card radiator tray to try and finish my engine bay, trying to achieve the stock 2.0E cih look.
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