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  1. Is this the same one that was for sale last year?
  2. Welcome back, you have bought a fantastic looking manta 👍
  3. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Met up with another local Manta enthusiast today, I have seen him a few times out on the road with his Manta so it was great to meet him in person and have a chat,
  4. Hi Steve.m, if there is a good evening this week I will fire up the manta and pop into Fraserburgh and meet up with you, also get some ice cream at Bicocchis👍
  5. Bump, Any original manta coupe speakers for sale, thanks.
  6. I seen that on e bay, very smart, looks in great condition, I like it a lot👍
  7. Hi Steve.m that was me and the wife getting ice cream at Bicocchis, best ice cream in the North east👍
  8. That’s strange as I just sent my old one down for a pattern and they supplied material and cut to suit a new one.
  9. East Kent trim supplies will make you a headliner to your specification, they made one for my coupe.
  10. Hi again Steve.m that would be perfect, just get back in touch after your holidays and we can meet up with the Manta’s. we have a WhatsApp group as well where we organise meets, ask advice and have a laugh or two, we have 11 manta enthusiasts in the group including one girl called Karen some of our group is going to the Buckie car show this coming weekend. A manta on the road now is really easy to spot, totally different to everything else on the road, I spotted you on the bypass heading from Findlay’s to Asda direction as I was going home from a job in Fraserburgh one evening, I was in a blue van, put a big smile on my face going home. enjoy your holiday 👍
  11. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    A small job completed today, I had stored in the attic good condition card sides to direct the air into the radiator, I dug these out and went about fitting them, as you can see, these fit perfectly, note the additional non standard brackets to keep the top card from sagging, job done 👍
  12. Hi Kal001 and welcome, really nice Carmine red exclusive 👍
  13. Hi Steve.m i have spotted you out and about in your manta, I gave you a wave as I also have a manta up in this neck of the woods. It would be great to meet up with you in the mantas and I could introduce you to all the local manta enthusiasts who just attended the Royal Deeside motor show, check out the latest post on mikes manta in the your project section, there is more mantas up this way than you would expect, let me know if you’re interested in meeting them 👍
  14. Hi, I’m looking to purchase a drivers side Recaro base bolster cover, right hand side nearest door so I can recover it with the black corduroy material that the Daytona recaros have on the outside edges, not fussy about material being torn, just require the grey vinyl and black piping to be in good usable condition, any help would be appreciated.
  15. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    We got together a small club stand at the Royal Deeside Kincardine O’ Neil motor show, 5 Mantas and a mk2 cavalier SR, great to meet up with the other Manta enthusiasts 👍
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