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  1. She’s looking stunning Ian, that is the results of your hard work and devotion to the project, this is the time now to sit back and relax a bit, enjoy the other little things in life you we’re missing as a result of your build, but know you have your cavalier coupe there and ready in the garage when you have a few minutes to yourself, go out for a run, polish, small running repairs etc.... that’s when you can really enjoy her knowing that you don’t have a mountain of work to do on her now, you have the best of both worlds now, family and your hobby, Of which now you can spend quality time with, exactly Ian, your small drive to the Archery is what you built it for, to enjoy 👍
  2. I tried to post the link but failed miserably 🤪 thanks Exclusive Opel, that’s the add 👍
  3. A pair, left and right, looks in great condition on gumtree, £100 takes them both. Worth a look.
  4. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    I’m out in the Manta every opportunity I can get, have any of you guys noticed that the nights are getting shorter, by 8.30pm it’s getting quite dark, took these photos just before I parked her up for the night, For a 35 year old Manta the lights are pretty decent, but the dash binnacle lights are pretty poor, but I can put up with that, the rear number plate light is the original bulb that came with the Manta, it really lights up the rear and the lip spoiler,
  5. I would like to think you will get fair market value for your manta from your insurance company in-line with recent sales values which have been rising steadily. Yours looks to have been in first class condition, every manta owners worst nightmare, glad to hear you are ok.
  6. Nice clean repair in the boot, another repair completed is one more less to do 👍
  7. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Out for a run on a beautiful sunny day, other people must have the same idea, spoke with this lad for a while, we certainly got looks and comments in the car park,
  8. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Out for a run last night about 9pm, parked up at the Asco base at Peterhead Lido for a few photos, you can see the bronze glass in the second photo, From September there is going to be big changes for me, at the moment I am a plumbing lecturer teaching the apprentices their SVQ3 Domestic Plumbing and train them up in order for them to complete a Managed Learning Gas Portfolio then ACS Assessment. The company I work for is introducing cost cutting measures and I have opted for the voluntary redundancy option. I see this as an opportunity and I’m away to become self employed running my own Plumbing company, it’s a lot of work at the moment setting up, registering as self employed, setting up trade accounts, public liability insurance, etc. Exciting times ahead.
  9. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Is that the 3M stuff, I thought about that for the rear Lower quarters to save the stone chips as I don’t have mud flaps. Have you used this stuff? Where can you buy it from and what size of sheets? Sounds good 👍
  10. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Went on a 170 mile round trip today up to Cairnamount, Laurencekirk. The climb on parts were 14% gradient on a really hot day. I kept a close eye on oil pressure and temp gauge, she ran like a dream, never missed a beat, stopped half way up to take in the scenery, a view from inside the subby, up on top of Cairnamount, I took the chance today to drive with the rear opening quarter glass open, really helped with temperature and comfort control inside on a hot day, no aircon! stopped in past a garden centre in Banchory for a coffee, The Manta was admired in the car park, some lads taking photos of it and chatting about owning one or a friend they had who owned one, great day to be out in her. I’m away to spend the evening removing the flys from the front nosecone and windscreen.
  11. Hi Hoobby, the injector loom terminates with 4 yellow plastic connectors that push on to the injectors, it really is just a wriggle side to side while pulling gently up that will release them. A word of caution, their location just above the exhaust manifold makes the Yellow plastic Brittle with the heat, so be careful not to snap or break them, if you do, all is not lost, Edelschmiede sell new ones that are easily changed by using a paper clip to push in a small tang and you can remove the old one and fit the new one. I had to do this on the Blue temp sensor plug, easy enough job.
  12. The standard 2.0E needs 2.5bar pressure at the injectors from the fuel pump, you might be different with a 2.7 engine, what’s the pressure you are getting if you are saying insufficient? have you tested it.
  13. The original Bosch ones now will be very hard to source I would think.
  14. The description to me reads the diaphragm damper/ pressure regulator is present at the petrol tank side but the regulator on the Fuel return line in engine bay is missing?
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