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  1. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    I’m gearing up for the big day........... start up! the last tax disc expired on the Manta in August 1999 so I’m presuming this was the last time she ran, now November 2019 twenty years on I’m hoping all goes to plan and the Manta springs into life again. I have spoken with my local mechanic and he is going to give me two evenings this next week, one evening to fit the new injector seals and gaskets, fit the new powder coated rocker cover, fix the clutch cable into place and then a general check over, the second evening is for the start up. fingers crossed all goes to plan.
  2. Hi Dom400, my garage ceiling height is 2.4m the jig required no alterations to height, I just bought the jig in flat pack form, just meant I had to weld it together following instruction manual then mount the Manta shell. my Manta is now just about complete so it’s off the jig but as can be seen from photos it doesn’t take up a lot more length, just the feet at the bottom would require more room.
  3. https://www.rolloverjigs.com/gallery/ check out these jigs, if you go into customs gallery you can see my Manta on the jig. It works perfectly.
  4. Great job on the door cards IanMc, top work 👍
  5. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Tonight I started the installation of the lower dash parts now that most of the wiring is complete. I still have the binnacle to finalise, speedo cable, heater cables, binnacle cover etc but that’s another night, new gear stick gaiter fitted then centre console including cassette storage fixed into place with two screws below the cassette storage and two screws beside the handbrake, these were covered with the round and rectangle grey concealing covers. The tape deck/radio slot is fitted with a blanking plate for the moment, saves looking at an empty void, looks quite tidy and nice, The boxes in the garage are nearly all empty and most of the parts have found there way back onto the Manta, just some small items to finish off the interior trim, shouldn’t take long now. The ECU cover trim is stored in the boot at the moment, I’ll leave it off until I get her started just incase I need to swap out the ECU for a replacement.
  6. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Just a few gremlins to sort out in the six dial dash binnacle, on the VDO oil pressure sender unit the needle would pop over to max right away, this was traced back to a poor connector in the wiring loom, next issue was a missing red light when ignition was on above the Volt gauge, again that was traced back to a faulty spade connector, after all the wiring looms are 34 years old, Both red lights now work with ignition on now. next job is to start fitting lower dash now the electrics has been completed.
  7. Bronze tint screen plus blue top tint still available new for the Manta b from Auto Windscreens, just got one fitted July time this year.
  8. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Another productive day on Saturday wiring the Manta, new fuel pump wired and plumbed in, i also got the indicators, hazards and reversing lights working, brown plug on ECU loom changed over to a new one as the lugs had become brittle and snapped off, I expected this to be a hassle to do but the new one from edelschmiede fitted perfectly didn’t even need to cut the wiring, just swapped out the plastic plug casing. Ran in the ECU loom, plugged them in. Temporarily fitted the dash binnacle and tested gauges and instrument lighting, few bulbs to change there. Got the heater fan working on both speeds high and low. Fitted all silicone hoses in engine bay ready to be filled. The wings you can see are protected with old sheets to prevent marking the new paint. im now ready to do the engine commissioning checks then get her started, just need to confirm a date with my mechanic who built my engine for me, he says after all his hard work rebuilding the 2.0E cih he doesn’t trust me to start it the first time myself...........I tend to agree with him there 😀
  9. https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/ try this link, clear, smoke grey or black. i have ordered from these guys multiple times, no problems at all, easy to deal with. Once into online shop click on to picture of green Manta, then select Ascona/Manta b then page 15 right at the bottom.
  10. At the other end of your request, not clear but black if it’s of any interest. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F143375684338
  11. someone has just got a cracking Manta at that price!
  12. Bids are at £7700 at the moment, this would have probably been the price when new back in 1985, just goes to show mantas don’t depreciate in value 😜
  13. Quads always look great on the Manta, I’m with you on that one 👍
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