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  1. Brilliant effort, so now on to the drivers seat 😜
  2. I will definitely be keeping up with the project thread, great news it’s being saved 👍
  3. I’m sure one weekend with a welder would see it ready for an MOT 😂😜 I hate seeing manta’s in that state, looks like only plastics and glass salvageable but I’m sure there will be more, rust has just ravaged this one. Two spoilers on the boot? Strange.
  4. I do like the square headlights with the wiper set up, it suit’s the Manta. 👍
  5. That’s a fantastic garage set up you have there, great progress on your Manta 👍
  6. Re the Manta graveyard, Multiple issues are at work here, firstly by the late 80’s early to mid 90’s depreciation had hit rock bottom, rust, welding or engine repairs would cost more than the cars worth, plus by the end of 1988 the Manta was old news, the new Vauxhall calibra was being launched and it did make the Manta look old and tired ( from day one of launch I didn’t like the calibra as much still preferring the Manta ) . From the early nineties in came a host of standard kit like ABS brakes, electric windows, Air conditioning, ESP, which was a big leap forward in car comfort and safety, the scrapage schemes seen a lot of old school motors disappear as well, I feel this made owners fall out of love with the Manta, BUT the true Manta nuts laid their cars up in garages and lock ups keeping some examples safe and away from the breakers and now thanks to these lads we still have survivors today 👍
  7. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Manta picked up tonight in a covered trailer and away to get MOT prep work done this coming week, she fits in quite snugly, had to work the ratchet straps from the side doors of the trailer.
  8. Looks like a first class paint job, it’s going to look great when fully assembled and finished 👍 are you intending to put decals on at some point?
  9. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    The hunting and high revs are now resolved by replacing the idle control valve and cleaning the pins in the mass air flow meter where the plug from the ECU connects in to it, so all good, while spannering In the garage last night the old girl was telling me she is fed up with nearly 21 years collecting dust and cobwebs and she now has the fire back in her belly and she’s raring to get back out on the road, 😜 I still need to strobe the timing and make small adjustments but the bulk of the teething problems hopefully are now resolved, she sounds pretty good now.
  10. Those speaker casings were definitely made to house 6x9’s Opel missed a trick there 👍
  11. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Took the Manta out today for a small shakedown just to see, ofcourse on a private road, oil pressure gauge was reading healthy on the run, volt, temp, tank, revs and speedometer all working. She seemed very responsive to throttle, immediate get up and go when accelerator pressed, overall quite happy so far, still as you would expect from a complete strip down and rebuild spanning four years, there is still some little things to sort out, despite the haunting, high and low revs on idle which I’m trying to resolve what else did I find? the seal in the back of the getrag 240 gearbox to the driveshaft, the one just above the gearbox mount needs replacing as a slight oil leak found there, can anyone point me in the right direction with identifying this seal from edelschmiede as they sell front and back seals, which one do I need? I get used to seeing the Manta in the garage but today seeing her out on the road she looked completely different, I’m looking forward to getting out in her this coming spring 👍
  12. I like to see the the subframes all painted and fresh, looks great, you’ll just need to keep them like this once they are on the car, should be easier to keep now they are in this condition.
  13. Welcome back Tormod65 any photos of your Ascona or Manta 👍
  14. My thoughts are with you and your family Ian, hopefully a resolution will be swift.
  15. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    After a marathon effort this weekend, for the first time in 20years B414 EOC started and drove under her own steam, the Sportex exhaust sounds brilliant. still setting up and timing issues to sort but nothing major, just small fettling jobs..........the project end is well within reach now, roll on spring, summer and NC500.
  16. Hi Tim, have a look on Mike’s Manta in your projects, pages 3&5. I had to use the Smith and Deakins straight sections along with the original rear arch pieces, the straight sections of skirts required a bit of fettling to fit properly, the Smith and Deakin rear arch sections were inferior compared to the original more detailed arch sections hence me using the original rear arch sections, once fitted they look the part.
  17. Glad to hear your son is making good progress and moving in the right direction, family always come first, best wishes to you all, Happy new year.
  18. How many metres are required to do the centre sections only on the front Recaro's and rear bench seats in the Manta interior?
  19. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Hi jessophia74 Check them out on e bay, there is new and used ones to suit any budget plus you may be able to get free postage as well, this one was around the £68 plus free postage and 5 years manufacturers guarantee 👍
  20. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    I have fitted this CTEK battery conditioner to the Manta to keep her fully charged. The CTEK comfort quick connection lead stays permanently attached to the battery terminals with a traffic light LED system so when the charger is not connected I get an idea of battery charge. It’s not obtrusive at all and will be easily tucked away when not in use, the charger when not in use will be removed, bagged up and stored in the boot The charger has a smart 8 stage process: 1. Desulphation - removes sulphate build up on lead plates, 2. Soft start - tests battery to see if it will accept a charge, 3. Bulk charge - charged with max current to 80% capacity 4. Absorption - continues to charge with declining current to maximise 100% charge 5. Analyse - tests to check battery can hold charge 6. Recondition - a recondition mode can be used automatically if charger senses this is required 7. Float - fully charged - maintains battery voltage at 100% 8. pulse - monitors battery and gives a pulse as and when required to keep battery fully charged. It’s safe to leave powered up for prolonged months for winter storage. it looks like my mechanic should be able to commission and start my 2.0E CIH engine early 2020, he’s just been very busy on the run up to the holidays.
  21. Mike.

    Wanted coupe

    Wish you all the best in your search for a Manta coupe, something will pop up eventually, I’ll keep a look out and if I see anything I’ll share the information with you, what exactly are your preferences Wayne, early 2 slot b or later 4 slot? SR, Berlinetta, GT/E or Exclusive? Would you consider modified Mantas or hatches if the spec, condition and price was right? The buy of the year for me in all the classified adds was the A reg silver Manta Berlinetta coupe on e bay mid October £8502 ( that to me is a finished price, no other work, welding, paint or trim to do so not too bad ) it looked a real fresh example. its definitely difficult to shake off the Manta bug once it gets a hold of you, great to hear your on the lookout again 👍
  22. I have just purchased an airdry mobile car dehumidifier (Halfords) to leave inside the Manta when it is stored in the garage over winter and covered with an indoor softshell breathable cover. I like your idea of axle stands but don’t have any at the moment I just roll it slightly to stop the flat spots on the tyres.
  23. Definitely worth the 2 week wait 👍
  24. Just seen an add on e bay when browsing for red gsi Recaro’s, welding burns to seat materials, seat frames welded to suit alternative vehicle, https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F113988251327
  25. Is there going to be two selling fee costs? probably as far as e bay is concerned they have sold it twice?
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