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  1. Excellent show Dave. Superb cars on the stand and it was a pleasure to meet other West Country members, being a newbie in the lower reaches of your area. I look forward to exhibiting your old car at Powderham Show in July.
  2. As a relatively new member with very little time for IT affairs; who doesnt spend their life on web sites or Forums I would definitely vote against any reduction in issues of this club's magazine (the fact that I have only just read the Treasurers posting on the AGM proposals). I have just relinquished Chairmanship of another classic car club (SROC) after 5 years and am still a committee member and with around 200 paid members we can still manage to produce 4 mags a year (in full colour throughout I might add). Admittedly the age profile is older than OMOCs but I would hazard a guess that many members would prefer a 'hard copy' magazine that they can savour without continually searching the Forum for info. I would add my vote for a regular rotation of Chairmanship as each would bring fresh thinking. To end, I would be amazed that any club can be effectively managed on just two executive meetings per year....unless there is frequent dialogue by the committee via cyberspace in lieu of face-to-face meetings. If not, this proposal gets my veto.
  3. I need a replacement fan for my 1976 mk I Cavalier Coupe. Is it still available?
  4. Attended my first show with the Cavalier Coupe at a fine Steam & Classic Car show at the West Somerset Railway, Norton Fitzwarren near Taunton on 3 August. The only Cavalier there (not unsurprisingly) and received numerous compliments... even the entry marshall shouted to a colleague "Wow! When did you last see one of these? " Very satisfying. In the limited autojumble (4 stalls! ) I even found a replacement fan motor switch for my burnt out one.... and, I collected a set of genuine GM ATS alloy wheels on my way home from a terrific 'collection only' ebay deal. All in all a great day out.
  5. Yes, since June when agreeing to purchase from Rapierdave, my son has been following sightings of it on Facebook and this forum. Dave informs me it has been well liked...it certainly attracted me when I first saw it at Shepton this summer. Hopefully I'll get to take it some classic car events before the season is over.
  6. I require a set of front and rear BLACK velour seats for my recently acquired 1976 Cavalier Coupe. Must be in good condition WHY?. Can collect within reason as I live in East Devon, so not prepared to go as far as Scotland ! Derek
  7. I've waited patiently since Bristol & West Classic car show at Shepton Mallet in June to purchase Rapierdave's 1976 Cavalier Coupe, He was determined to take it to Billing (which subsequently won a prize and then got smashed!) and, once fulfilled, it has now come to me. I had a 1976 Manta B SR Berlinetta in the late 70s which I always regretted selling and Dave rekindled my passion with his own 1977 Berlinetta in 2014. When he then showed the Cavalier at this year's Bristol Show...that was it! I met Dave through the Rapier Owners Club a few years ago, of which I am still an owner, as well as owning a Stag and Mercedes 280TE, so I have wide ranging loves. I have just joined the OMOC and Forum, so hope to be active in the future (given divided loyalties!).
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