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  1. Still need to fit my 2 🙄 it looks trickier than first thought. So my plan was powerfile to get at the spot welds but it's the part that meets the door that is puzzling me as in where to cut. Guess I just need to measure up and Mark where to cut....
  2. Shame there are no better pictures but it looks well in that colour, funny that as a youngster I'd have classed it as grandad gold 😁
  3. What you paid seems about fair, Ian Virco top bloke that he was by today's pricing gave me the n/s for only £150 in 2016. I was thinking of selling my Manta recently as I might need £££ for stamp duty if the house doesn't go through in time but Ian let me have that panel to use it, I'd feel like I'd have let him down if I didn't see it through.
  4. Pics don't show the mesh and bog that the rust is sat on top of either 🙄
  5. Not sure what it's like underneath but looks fairly solid up top, don't get why they haven't cleaned the crud off it, would look lots better.
  6. I think people bid them up on purpose so nobody gets done over.
  7. I did bid on this ages back in a moment of utter madness when the Engine was included, bid 7.5k but didn't meet the reserve. Would have no doubt been a blast on the track.
  8. I thought someone was dealing with it at one point?
  9. Let me know what you have and I'll get back in touch with them see what the pricing would be like etc. Didn't want to tread on any club toes of course if the process is already underway?
  10. Been in touch with them and they seem decent people, snag is the process kills your original panel unless things have changed. I'd donate my rear quarter so long as I got a replacement from the press if anyone else wanted to join in we could get a whole range of panels done. I know the club were investigating but not sure how far they got.
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