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  1. So it was still the same even pouring petrol down it's throat?
  2. Speaking of which my 1983 Coupe has a pair of wings with indicators, should it not have any? I wasn't sure if what looks like a cable was for the indicators?
  3. Looks very much like the wheel arch repair section from Retropower has arrived! I do think I can save the o/s rear quarter with the arch repair section, bonus being I will then have a spare rear quarter panel just in case the worst should ever happen.
  4. Hope Domino is ok, I know how attached you can get ........we had a stray 'Pudsey' a tortoise shell who turned up one day while I was working from home, She meowed outside for a good hour before I finally let her in then realised She must have been from the old dear over the road that had passed, once she got used to our youngest she was fine and became one of the family. She was an old girl herself and stayed with us until recently, I actually now miss her casually walking over my laptop keyboard when I was trying to work (as it was getting the attention and not her!)
  5. There is a link in another Ebay thread with a fella selling a good load of panels, think he has a couple of nose panels in the picture, can't wait to see more pictures and how you get on with this one.
  6. Looks the part, doesn't stick out....spot on for the money!!!
  7. No, for some reason I thought it was ending tonight, got a surprise e-mail this morning giving the winning bid amount......probably for the best as I'd have got bidding fever It needs someone with more knowledge than I on values, I know it's a hatch but we have seen decent ones go for good money, with the rare bodykit then add an Engine and a set of wheels, it must be worth say 6k plus when done?
  8. Still love the colour of your A Series, managed to get a bit done on the Coupe but at this rate I'll be retired before I get time to work on it properly.
  9. Pair of rear quarters on there,rear panels the lot!! what a collection!
  10. Agree, be nice to see it kept together. It's a perfect ready made base for someone, I'd love to have it!
  11. That is very nice, good build threads too.... I don't really have the space or probably quite enough'spare' readies and should concentrate on my Coupe rear quarters, but it's so tempting as I could fairly quickly have a Manta on the road. Admit I have had a bid but I suspect this will be too rich for me!!
  12. What about the red coupe on EBay? pictures are not the best but it looks a lot better.
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