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  1. Not exactly what you want but I wonder if Liz ever sold that black GT hatch? Was a good price from memory and would deffo keep you busy
  2. The yellow one Carl and Dan are selling is a beauty if you can stretch that far.
  3. I'd better get a few more, maybe 2 on the back seat and one on each front seat, infact perhaps one in the boot too.
  4. Like the dehumidifier idea, im a cheapskate so have just put in 2 of those square plastic pot type ones from the pound shop, will be interesting to see if they start to fill up.
  5. I might have the brochure, I'll try and remember where on earth they are and get a picture up if I can find it! Not seen them since we moved house a year ago!
  6. looks a nice space I'd love a ramp or even a pit would do! it's not much fun squeezing under the car with Axle Stands these days, was easier as a skinny rake of a young lad! I had picked somewhere with what estate agents like to call a double garage this time (it's more like garage and a bit) it looked great with just the Manta in there - added all my stuff that I 'need' and it was filling up but I could get round all sides of the car unhindered. As ever though it's become a dumping ground for boxes and allsorts of non-manta related gear I need a Manta only garage!
  7. Mike who posts on here had one a while back from Auto Windscreens who can supply and fit, 2 week wait though.
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-Windsplits-Rare/174111917337?hash=item2889e10519:g:EWMAAOSw7wZd4rgx
  9. The engine is also listed for 3 grand in another ad!
  10. I have given up selling cars on Fleabay, idiots who bid high just to work out the reserve, then don't get in touch or blame their kid for bidding 😡
  11. It's a beauty alright, not seen it in the flesh and I'm staying clear or I'll end up in 10 grand of debt to buy it 🙄 oh and the Mrs would most likely do me in 🤣
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