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  1. In the time you have done all that I have managed to rust proof 2 inner wings, I STILL need to final paint them. Thought I'd get that done this weekend but nope 8AM tomorrow a 8 x 6 Shed is arriving flat pack, guess what I'm doing Saturday still as a bonus it gets the mower and garden crap and bikes out of the garage Sunday, a number of family Birthdays to celebrate, 14 of us at the Chinese Buffet, always next weekend
  2. I was thinking red oxide only as I can get it in rattle cans, compressor needs a new motor, I'll have to see if I can get a good second hand one maybe, probably as cheap as a motor.
  3. I have 2 wings and a rear quarter panel that need a little work, can the hydrate 80 be primed straight over? in the past I have ended up with other brands not leaving a great finish especially if I brush the rust converter/protector on, (used Hydrate 80 on the underside and subframe of the Mrs Corsa, very pleased with it) One last question.... I was thinking of using red oxide primer but will that react with 2PK when I take the car in for it's final paint? or do I need to bite the bullet and try and get my compressor working and use a 2pk primer?
  4. Got me a power file and panel splitter now hoping to get some time next weekend to get to work. Spent all day plastering a blinking wall at the old house and doing tip runs 😞 2 days to get it finished to hand over to the new owners, tons of blown halogen bulbs to replace, one more tip run, last of our crap to bring and then the big clean..... whilst trying to do the day job, can see me there midnight on Tuesday
  5. Nice work, have to do the same with my roof soon, the brighter lights in my new garage show all the storage dings over the years
  6. Just moved house so not chucked out all the boxes! Will see what I can fit them in. Might be cheaper to get someone like Hermes to collect maybe. I'll pm you my address so you can check.
  7. Manta on the move and now nestled in new house with bigger garage, I can actually get to both sides now test... why are my pictures side on.... hmmmm How odd, this one shows sideways on the PC with MS Photo editor, the ones above were the right way on the PC
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-manta/123611070584?hash=item1cc7cb4078:g:i4gAAOSwg0dcSk-g:rk:1:pf:0 Nice usable hatch with a bit of bodywork to sort.
  9. Does look well now, especially when you think that a lot of people would have given up on that boot lid.
  10. Least of my worries but I have a broken off Wiper Arm Cap, if they can be swapped does anyone have a spare? If not I guess I'm looking for a full wiper arm with cap? Cheers, Terry
  11. I will have 2 shortly, all fine apart from rust on the bottom bar, one is holed...i think they would be fairly easy to repair. Yours for free if you want them.
  12. Might need to flat it and put a barrier coat if using 2k. you may get away with flat and then a very light coat of 2k to seal it, maybe try a small area first?
  13. Just waiting on the eldest lads mate for his flatbed! Going to head over now and bring the interior back, splendid near new bonnet from Dan and Carl will have to come next trip.
  14. Wasn't too bad, Still got my full garage to move and more importantly the Manta and spares though, sort the front garden and then a wall to paint!
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