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  1. Ha ha.... if you do get it for 100 quid I'll take it off your hands. I have nowhere to put it either 😂
  2. Newton Abbot though 😯 and that is a pretty rotten roof....unless you can drag it back yourself you might be better adding the cost of having it delivered to the 100 quid and you will be halfway to buying the GT hatch that Liz is selling 😉
  3. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  4. Same, keep reporting them .....Not sure what they can do to stop them hacking accounts, some are well established users with loads of feedback, you would think they would know about secure passwords, I can only think they are using some sort of phishing or malware to get the passwords. I had a mail the other day which was very convincing supposedely from Netflix saying we failed to collect your subscription click here to pay, looked real enough and lots would fall for it, however if you hover over the link without clicking it shows you where it is actually going to, this link was to a server in China! My golden rule is even if a mail looks genuine I go to the actual website directly and login to check, phone calls asking for my info I call the company back, pays to be paranoid these days sadly.
  5. I probably can't spell it right but is it plasticiser or something of that ilk?
  6. Every time I read an update to this thread I end up with Hawkwind and silver machine going round in my head 😁 Last saw Hawkwind probably about 10 years ago at Bolton Town Hall of all places, they had changed the set the fairies and trip type stuff was all gone 😯
  7. Carl has a scuttle on Ebay at the moment. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-GTE-B-Series-1-8-Scuttle-Panel-Good-condition-Cut-Off/123722031470?hash=item1cce68616e:g:UbsAAOSwg35aru~f
  8. Me too you any good at fitting rear quarter panels 😁
  9. Looks very tidy, nice solid Manta for someone 👍
  10. That will look great 👍
  11. Dont be too down, there were always going to be some bits after an extended shakedown, the gearbox may just be oil, the Mrs Corsa D was doing the same thing on hills and sometimes wouldn't change up easily, changed the oil and got the level right using the exact stuff and it was fine. Take a look at your before pictures then go outside take a look at what you have done and be proud, I would be! Then crack on with the rattle hunt
  12. Mine decided that the alternator would die, my date back in the day had to help bump start my SR to get us home 🤣
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