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  1. looks decent, looks well in that colour. Reg isn't that far away from my old SR NAD 357P
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1975-P-reg-Opel-Manta-1-9-SR-Coupe-Signal-Orange-Light-Restoration-Project/123792283045?hash=item1cd29855a5:g:GV0AAOSwfmlc9oeO&redirect=mobile I like this a lot, wish I had the spare cash and the room! Hope the link works as I posted from my mobile.
  3. Keep going 👍 I have loads of this pain to come with the storage dings in my roof, not to mention those rear quarters.
  4. Not on Faceache but are there any interior pictures? Bet I'll have spent close to that if not more by the time mine is done although at least it will be exactly how I want it.
  5. Yep and you can buy cig lighter powered bum warmers these days to replace the heated seats and some gloves to replace the heated wheel 😁 pair of pink fluffy dice and She's sorted 👍
  6. I still keep trying to persuade the Mrs to get an Auto Manta to replace her Auto Corsa 😁
  7. Back in the day as a youngster I'd never have wanted a gold car, always seemed a bit Grandad/Granada! and a pain in the backside to colour match with a rattle can Now I'd love to have that car in Gold, proper retro even the interior looks well just cool
  8. Looks really nice on the surface, Yellow can be a bit Marmite but looks good to me. Interesting to see what it fetches.
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