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  1. I'm a bit gutted to be honest that I had already struck a deal on another project. Hope it goes to a good home.
  2. I'd certainly have bid 4,500 to get such a solid base if I hadn't done a deal already, would that get it? We shall have to see. As ever each to their own and beauty is in the eye of the beholder πŸ™‚
  3. I managed to get arches from retropower, not sure if they still have stock πŸ€”
  4. Need to have a bid to see if you hit the reserve, the owner will have it set to the minimum he will take. My personal preference has always been for an early SR but maybe that is because it was my first Manta, decent ones like Stu's on here can fetch good money.
  5. I guess the market will dictate what it is worth but have a bid nowt to lose, stick 4 and a half in you never know.
  6. I like that, looks nice and solid... sods law that I have already agreed a deal on something else πŸ™„ I also need to head up that way this weekend too, would have been perfect.
  7. Yeah once you get in to it there will be a full recommission there, well worth saving for someone with the skills.
  8. I'd move out of inner London and keep the Manta πŸ™‚She could afford a nice restoration and probably a nicer house!
  9. Needs some TLC but I do like itπŸ‘ Whar a shame the car has to be sold due to the clean air zone...wonder as it is stuck in the clean air zone you have to pay to drive the car out of there!
  10. Front bolt for the wing seems to be missing too wonder if the rail has rotted away, A bit of custom hose repair going on too. I think the top edge of the nose is full of bog as well if you zoom in you can see the white edge, could be tape residue but I'm going with bog.... still it looks tidy enough and for the right price and all that. And each to their own but I do like the colour, my lad probably wouldn't be seen dead in it mind πŸ˜‚
  11. Yeah bit of paint fade but looked nice enough, I'll upload the pics later. He says he can't get any shots of underneath as he has no ramp but the MOT history says enough unless the repairs are really good it will be a mess underneath. The battery tray repair sadly probably tells me the standard of the work done and I'm not going all the way to Edinburgh to be disappointed.
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