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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-GTE-2-0-Manual-1988-full-MOT-exclusive/203036079489?hash=item2f45e4b581:g:dUIAAOSww0Be-5ak
  2. Few headlights and some reflectors on Ebay right now, mainly seem to be from Germany so not cheap.
  3. Hope you get what you want for it, very nice Manta.
  4. My only other spot is full of fireplaces owned by my parents 😥 which right now are out of fashion, might get it empty in 20 years if marble comes back in to fashion 🙄
  5. One of the better colours too I'd have that if my garage wasn't full at 500 quid.
  6. Put me down for one please, now sold out on EBay.
  7. Not sure but going to take a look at mine ASAP, any excuse to dodge cutting those arches 🤣
  8. Will I need this mod for my 84 GTE? last thing I want is top end starvation.
  9. I had a Sunny when I was a student, paid 80 quid for it, lasted me a full year and didn't spend a penny on it....bought a newer car (mk2 Cav) which failed on me right away, couldn't figure out what was up so got the mechanic out who spotted the Sunny and asked if I wanted rid... he gave me 80 quid off my bill 😁
  10. I think Shaun in his lockdown project thread has one, he might want to sell it with his car but no harm asking? 👍
  11. Hmm that means I have newer front wings then as mine have the indicators, should they just feed in to the main indicator wiring? Wings are off at the minute and I don't see any indicator wiring.
  12. It's very nice indeed, Is this the first year of the vehicles with the Grey interior rather than the check?
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