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  1. Very nice, also fancied one for years, love all the velour in the Monzas, my mates dad had one in white and I remember being disappointed as a kid when his work changed him in to a Citroen BX of all things 🙄
  2. Let me know if it is any good, have a possible use myself.
  3. Alpine speakers, very nice..used to be my speaker of choice as a youngster now I just want to hear the engine, funny how times change.
  4. If you can't get 99 RON, get some classic valvemaster plus, Amazon is a good place to find it, use it in mine, kills the ethanol and ups your octane and lubricates with a lead substitute.
  5. Daft question perhaps but how fresh is your fuel? Sorry if mentioned earlier in the thread, if you can get 99 RON I'd give it a try.
  6. Not sure if Derbyshire is too far Andy? These guys seem to do all kinds of repairs. info@slinden.co.uk https://www.castironweldingrepairs.co.uk/ @slinden.co.ukinfo@slinden.co.uk
  7. Was in the Toyota showroom with the Mrs waiting on her service, 40k cars with orange peel all over the place, shoddy for the price, if a bodyshop returned my car like that I'd reject it how they think it is acceptable on a 40k motor I do not know.
  8. Welcome, nice original looking car. Car Cave seem to have a knack of finding good projects, I'd advise anyone like me to steer clear of the place or you will end up buying a project you didn't even know you wanted 😂
  9. Very presentable earlier car just popped up on fleabay too, 1976 in orange with SR decals on the boot which is listed as a berlinetta. I shall be keeping a beady eye on that for sure can't be many of these left? Can't post the link as I'm on the mobile and the app doesn't show the link for some reason.
  10. There is a red hatch on Ebay at the moment which looks reasonable, you would need to take a closer look at the usual rust areas of course any repairs to Swan necks will need putting right sooner rather than later, not cheap if you don't have the skills yourself. If you have the money there is a particularly lovely coupe on Ebay which is looking for a new home, sad in that it was Dan's who was a good friend to many on here but I'm sure he would have wanted to go to someone who would cherish it like he did.
  11. I like that colour now, maybe an age thing but 30 years ago I'd have written it off as a Grandad colour 🤣
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