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  1. The white Manta is back, looks like someone has been bidding it up along with the rest of the sellers 'stock' of vehicles, 51k 😆
  2. Count me in for a set if you do please!
  3. It's a variety of video conference software, a bit like Skype.
  4. Some top notch work there, looking great.
  5. Yep seller confirms timewaster, running issue was the earth strap - he impulse bought it and is just after his money back. I'm guessing 2395 will get it, it's still a nice car for someone.
  6. 250 quid profit - although they could be down if they had it transported!
  7. They are already in to profit at £2,400 with 5 hours to go.... unless it's another Ebay 'messer' of course.
  8. Although considering the Coupe Paul was selling only went for £3300 they may end up stuck with it for a while in the current situation.
  9. Last seller was a Penta1969, (who paid 1750) they sold it seemingly for £2,395 in the last auction ....and it is the buyer now looking to sell it on! wonder if they have uncovered some extra work when they have dug in to it. be interesting to see what it goes for this time!
  10. A very nice example in a nice colour, interesting to see what it fetches. Knowing me though I'd love it for about an hour until the 1300 started to bug me and it would be so wrong to swap it out!
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