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  1. Quite a haul there, did the parts come with it? Don't think I have seen a gold coupe in the flesh for 15 years!
  2. You have bought a cracking car there, hope you enjoy.
  3. Top work, can't get time to work on mine at the minute 😥 lots of homeworking due to Covid and I'm in telecoms so we are more busy than usual as everyone needs more bandwidth etc . Now the weekend is here I have my 93 year old Grandads hedges and garden to sort and then my own before it becomes unmowable- tip run to clear the spare room and all the crap people are dumping in the garage ! desk to build for the youngest now he has moved to big school. I'll be retired at this rate before I get near it!!
  4. Nice looking A , more pictures please 😁
  5. Thought the rusty bits were just my bad eyes viewing on the phone 🤣
  6. Depends on the Tester it seems my mate doesn't care so long as there is a fog light and it is bright enough. I wonder what the actual guidance says?
  7. I was picturing one each side to balance it out 😯 yuk.
  8. A lot of money for the condition and no seat rails by the looks of it. I got a almost complete full more modern grey interior in better condition on here for less than half that price. I'd bide my time rather than pay 500 quid for seats that need repairs.
  9. Last taxed in 1992, could be in storage though somewhere.
  10. I like it, proper retro. The Mrs can only drive an auto too.
  11. Same here 😆 in a moment of madness I thought I'd have a cheeky bid, missed the end but again probably a good thing or I'd have probably gone over the budget I'd set, at 1500 I couldn't have left it!
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