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  1. Looking for sump for my 1988 manta gte coupe as mine is porus
  2. Hi everyone I have just joined and just purchased a manta gte 1988 exclusive needing a little work if anyone can help, I have notice a leaking sump with it being quite porus, I have done temp repair, also my bonnet is quite rusty along the front, thanks halley Edinburgh
  3. Requires 2.0 sump as mine has small hole and leaking also I require a bonnet, with mine it is holed along front edge thanks Halley new member
  4. Hi , I have just joined the manta owners club today after just purchasing a white manta coupe 2.0i 1988. After getting it home and driving 300 mile I noticed it had a terrible oil leak when doing that journey and was lucky not to knacker the engine , and is still running fine , I have now , after cleaning the oil away located to dripping oil to a small hole in my sump . I have given it a temp repair and wondering if a second hand sump would be the answer ? If anyone has one they could let me know. I have also notice the front edge of the bonnet is not great and has 2-3 holes along the front edge of the bonnet. if anyone had a good used one would be great, If anyone could give me any first hand advise would be great. regards Halley Edinburgh
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