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  1. Could be a stupid comment but have you took into account where the bars go through the extra material you will need to make the sleeves ?
  2. The hatch has a metal back on the rear of the upright part as it’s bolted in and the coupe seat has rods that push into brackets hope that helps πŸ‘
  3. Yes I sold the 2 Monaco blue coupes I had mate
  4. Yeah I never use it someone should enjoy it or it will just sit around with work and having grandkids on a weekend as much as I can ( missed them to much with covid) I don’t have much spare time to be honest I doubt it will sell but can always hope πŸ‘
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184353215592
  6. Already been asked hopefully it will go with the car there are a couple of members on here that want it I will put it up on here if car goes without it though πŸ‘
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