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  1. Ok, so... As far as I could understand, the thing goes like this: assemble the car, make it roadworthy, put an MOT on it based on the chassis number, ring DVLA about it, fill a form(V55/5 if I remember corectly) and pay an amount of money. Did I missed anything?
  2. I bought it from UK and have it in the underground parking. So basically, the thing is done. I know, got quite excited and lost my head a bit. However, I have to admit, it's the best A I ever saw in a while. Bodywork needs only 2 panels for welding and the rest is only regular fiddling before spraying it. Link with the car's rust spots and any area of interest: https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipPm4O9sCUjKlRAGRlHK8t1H9wLN4MAyUMYICvk4
  3. I've been thinking about this, but I immediately hit a problem: mine is LHD. Or should I find a rusty one kinda anywhere, as long as it has paperwork?
  4. First of all, I'm back here(yeah, it's been a while since the Manta giveaway - thanks again Mr Carlos for helping me getting rid of the rusty Manta CC). It took me a while to build up the courage to ask you guys for help but eh, who saves a car today, tommorow may save a life. Also, my apologies if it's in the wrong section. Anyway, guys, I need help. I mean BIG help. Here are the facts: Bought recently a Opel Manta A off eBay. No engine, headlights, tailights, interior, just a shell with windows. I don't even have the keys. Seller lied about the paperwork stating that he was "awaiting V5". Now....he lied, that's life. The car is actually Portuguese registered. So I have no paperwork, keys or reg plates. However, I had a bit of luck and found on the windshield something like a MOT reminder and another small bit of paper with her reg number(insurance perhaps?). Also have the chassis plate in pristine condition, so I hope something can be done starting from these two. So I'm asking: is anyone here Portuguese or familiar with the Portuguese legislation? I simply want to, somehow, get her paperwork back. I am aware that it's gonna be a big hassle, but I'm willing to try and save the car. Any help is more than welcomed
  5. speaking about scrap on eBay....bought a Manta A from eBay. Seller says he's waiting for logbook. Reality: portuguese car without any paperwork or engine or....kinda almost any bit in it. Now thinking what I should do with it...
  6. In case you don't get rid of the A stuff, give me a message. My Manta is really just a shell and I'm struggling to find/buy/take parts Thanks in advance
  7. anyone have any idea if it's for sale? Or at least if it would be for sale...
  8. That's the one I've bought. Aaaaaaand.......I just complicated my life
  9. Placed a bid on it. Hopefully, I'll win. I really need the automatic version
  10. With pleasure. Take care of her, she's an old lady
  11. Due to arrival of new car and not having time to fix it, I give away FOR FREE my Opel Manta B CC project. It's a 1982 model with two holes at the front end Bad bits: - broken A pillar on driver's side - floor panel on driver's side is almost gone - needs both doors replaced - needs tailgate replaced - all sorts of rust areas on the car - engine hasn't been fired since 1990 Good bits: - has V5(old type), VIN plate and licence plates - no rust on the rear wheel arches - needs a small amount of work on chassis legs(has the common problem of rust) - 99% original including original ATS alloys - blue interior in a good condition except the door faces(but the interior will need a good wash) The car stood in a moisty envirorment, so I had to strip the interior and put in in the house in order to dry. So, everything is off the car apart the front end(including engine and transmission) Come on guys, it's free... Due to not having time to put pics here, who wants to see pics with her search Puscoci Tudor on Facebook. The photo album is called Kirsty Alexandra. I need it gone 'till new years eve.
  12. Ok, I've found another problem, this time at the other A pillar: between the door's hinges, there is that stopping bar which prevents the door to open way too much. Well, that part is broken directly from the pillar itself. I've knocked the pillar to see if it's rotten, but it doesn't seem to be. Now, my question is: the base of that stopping bar of the door is welded directly on the pillar or on the cover? Just to know if I have to buy both A pillars or just one
  13. I have ATS on my Manta. Wanna take a pic for you to compare with your wheel nuts?
  14. Since I don't know the differences between Manta B and Cavalier MK1, I have to ask: is it from an Opel? If so, how much? LE: I've seen the price on the other thread. Can you keep it till the end of the month? Reason is that I've got the MOT for the VW in a week, so I have to focus a bit on it at the moment
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