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  1. hi if you contact www.bigred.co.uk i'm sure they can help
  2. Hi Not sure if anybody on here can help ?. I'm after the plastic strip ( looks like Chrome ) that goes just below the back window, its only on the car if you have a vinyl roof fitted. I'm guessing most cars have had the vinyl roof removed and probably thrown the trim away. If anybody can help I would be very grateful Many thanks Graham
  3. Hi If by any chance someone knows of anybody with a genuine front spoiler for the Manta A I would be very interested. I have a fiberglass one which is new but decided not to fit, which is for sale if anybody is interested. Many thanks Graham
  4. Hi I went to the Classic Car show at the NEC last year and saw Simon on the Opel stand who put me in touch with a guy who had one to sell. I travelled to Anglesey to view the car and the deal was done,the car had an MOT and looked lovely and a credit to the previous owner. I've stripped the car myself with help from a mate called John who owns a garage round the corner of my house, I've sandblasted for hours and hours, the Axles and the whole underneath of the car. Stripped the car down to bare metal, that's when we found holes, filler and various newspapers. Not complaining all part of the job, after various parts purchased from Simon + Chris and Dr Manta ( don't know how he sleeps at night ) the car is coming back together, this is my 1st ever project and loved every minute. Engine rebuilt, all chrome has been polished, Axles and various other bits powder coated,new interior I'm really hoping by the time we work out how its all goes back together i've got a car to be proud of. Couldn't of done it without help from so many people.
  5. My Manta A (NOW 240M) is soon back on the road after being stripped down to an inch of its life. Filler, Filler , Filler removed not to mention the Shropshire News !!!!! Painted this week, Vinyl roof on Friday, Glass going back in Saturday, just the Axles engine bumpers interior and everything else to follow arghhhhhh. Car will be ready for the Classic Car show at the NEC, I can actually see the finish line :-)
  6. Try Alan 07970 150985 he is scrapping one but not sure what he has left
  7. Hi I think one is on ebay for sale but finishes today 162024432028 Many thanks Graham
  8. Hi Paul

    I'm looking at an old post I don't suppose you have the wheel arches left ?.

    Many thanks


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