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  1. 10 / 40w semi is what Iv always used in all mine
  2. Anyone managed to find any yet
  3. Thank you that would be great
  4. Hi all I seem to have misplaced the four corner trims for my rear screen the ones that go over the the infill strip in the rubber I'm hoping one of you may have a set I could buy from you please black would be preferred but if you have Crome ones I can just paint them. thanks for reading my post any help will be great
  5. Rally design sell them and retro power there 50mm thick like a big bobbin with a m10 stud either side I used two one each side and my xe is steady as a rock
  6. I will gladly have a look for what local shows are on and post up in case anyone's interested and will have a look In the road maps and try come up with some ideas for drives out. I no it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tee but what about a club track day meet
  7. Hi all just wondering if anyone has the factory measurements for fitting engelmann mirrors or from were I can get them many thanks any and all help welcome
  8. Thanks everyone for looking but I think I may have got one on the way
  9. Hi all after just painting and starting to put my coupe back together ready for billing in July Iv found I'm missing the peice of trim that goes up the a post and across the top of the window on the drivers side that the rubber slides in to if any of you have one or no where I can get one from would be great thanks for reading my post and any help will be great.
  10. Nice work fella like how you've done the pan hard rod this has come on loads since I last saw you all Carnt wait to see it all done
  11. Looks in amazing condition great find will be keeping me eye on this one as it comes along
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