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  1. I am informed my mate who brokered the deal is on holiday, so I have no idea what has gone on, and by the sound of neither has he, yet. All very strange.
  2. Dave, I've cooled down now, I was more annoyed that my friend could have given me the heads up before Noop was advertised. I gave the guy who bought it a load of spares as he was buying the car as a keeper, I could have sold them on separately. It is his car to sell, but my friend is currently incommunicado to me at the moment, so I'm still waiting to see what has happened. I had the body done on Noop and fitted four new Uniroyals at a period size, plus all the little missing period bits which I had obtained from members on here, that is another reason I'm hacked off, I feel guilty at the goodwill made available to me by club members. Thanks all for the kindness to all re my operation and Noop, that's me out now for the moment. John.
  3. Thanks for that, they might have trouble getting me to sleep if I haven't calmed down a bit, my friend is not answering his phone.......
  4. I'm bloody incandescent! it also shows the valuation cert (but not the valuation, which is less than the asking price) which Dan and Kevin went to the trouble of preparing for me. I might have been taken for a mug, I have my operation on Wed morning and when I'm out words will be said with my friend who brokered the deal, and who works for the dealer selling Noop, strange that, eh? Just as I was getting over selling Noop I begin to wonder what have I done, it is such a pretty car.
  5. Sorry to hear about the bump Stuart, sadly I have no bits to help, but I'm sure there will be sone with the parts somewhere. (I still haven't got around to fitting my arch trims yet) , John
  6. Many thanks to Steve (1900SR) for Delco Remy cap, now i have to fit 90 deg terminals to allow it to fit, but I have some of those on stock.
  7. Steve, Excellent, you have a PM. John.
  8. I'm looking for a rubber? distributor cap insulator/protector for a CIH engine. As found on early Cavaliers and Manta B's (I don't know about A's). One can be seen and is referred to in the NEC video with commentary and description from Ian "Mantaman" Virgo. 7.40 to 8.00 here:
  9. Oooof, I think I might need a little lie down, Opel porn at it's best.
  10. Sorry Wayne, run that by me again, slowly
  11. Ben, I already knew I was special, my mummy told me so, that's why she sent me to the school for special little boys.
  12. Wow, an upgrade. I'm surprised it even came with headlights, it only has a three dial dash, small arm rests, 5j wheels, no head restraints or door pockets.
  13. 4th March 1976 reg, I have Stingrays, but I don't have headlights with the black inserts.
  14. Whoa, I read that fast and thought it said Marinas.......
  15. She was raised in Chester St. Grasswell, just off the A182 Newbottle Rd. I haven't been back in Houghton for years, I hated the drive over the A66 from Lancaster back in the day when it was single carriageway, it was shocking in rain and fog. Then the A1 from Scotch was, and still is, always dug up.
  16. She's a Houghton lass Phil, I understand you fine except I think you are talking about football, and that is a foreign language to me bonny lad.
  17. I understood you Phil, but I married a Makem, so I've been translating Geordie for 38 years!
  18. So is this now the official OMOC porn thread, sponsored by Kleenex?
  19. I did it a few days back, the scary bit is adding up your expenditure last year, make sure SWMBO is not in the room.........
  20. Blimey Kev, did you blag those lights from an anti-aircraft battery!
  21. It took longer to get the pics to display than it did to disassemble, move, and then reassemble the spray booth. As a technomuppet I feel your pain.
  22. Or run your hand around the inside of the wheels and sniff/taste (only advisable if there are no Tom cats in the area!)
  23. Mmmmm A quick Google shows Automodisland is based in China, not Bremen, and only 1 feedback? If it looks like a fish, smells like a fish, is it fishy or a con rod made of cheese?
  24. It always seems the job is on the back leg when it's all in one colour of primer, even though there is still quite a bit to do. Looking good Kev. Just got back from Lanzarotte late Thursday, when's the next NW meeting, April? Cheers, John.
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