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  1. philip


    5.1 or 4.8 crown wheel and pinion also lsd or compleat 400 axle
  2. philip


    manta 1800 gearbox wanted or simmilar to suit redtop engine
  3. philip


    2.0 2.2 2.4 engine compleat if possible
  4. i was thinking somewhere in the region of 280lbs should be fine
  5. i know you need 550 in the front but no one seems to know about the back
  6. does any 1 know what spring to use in rear manta b for tarmac rally
  7. philip

    400 axle

    opel manta b 400 back axle has to be one somewhere
  8. philip


    hi guys looking on here looking for a man called darren smith i think from lisburn northern ireland got parts of him for my manta b and said if i needed any help just to give him a shout but i have lost his contact details any help would be much appreicated thanks lads
  9. back shelf cover for b coupe
  10. rally shop it .com and are very well priced
  11. philip


    2.0'2.2'2.4 engine wanted for a opel manta compleat if possible others sizes considered let me know what you have thanks
  12. philip


    front and back seats for manta b prefere gte / recarco seats many thans
  13. philip

    v6 engine

    hi has anyone ever tried fitting a jaguar 2.5 v6 engine into a manta b
  14. hi i looking verious parts for my 2.0 cih starter, altonator, full distruibator,sump. and any tuning parts hi lift cams etc etc. let me know what you have many thanks
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