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  1. Was nice to meet you all too , and to finally meet people who know what they are talking about ! unlike the cavalier and chevette club , the other guy with us is called Liam cant tell you his last name as only met him two weeks ago and havent thought to ask but he seems like a nice guy . Hope to catch up with you all soon Dave
  2. Hi to everyone at the opel manta club who attended the oh so retro show today , would just like to say thanks for the warm welcome and letting us tag along with your club today and look forward to catching up with you all soon from Dave Cheal ( mk1 cavalier coupe )
  3. Surely someone somewhere must want to save this rare coupe 79 , has to go from my yard real soon , just want to see it go to a good home any offers please ????
  4. Hi Kerry i have a mk1 cavalier coupe 79 in need of restoration much welding needed but nothing that cant be saved , its a rolling shell and log book , can deliver for extra cost looking for £500 ono have posted photos on forum mobile 07812008247 for more details many thanks Dave
  5. Thanks mate billing was our first show and first outing for the car in at least 20 years !
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