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  1. When I am presented with a photograph of a Manta such as the one belonging to Kal my mind all of a sudden races at top speed and I become super excited to a point where nothing else can get me more excited. Does this happen to any other Manta owner or am I just super obsessed?
  2. What a lovely Original 2 Slot B and I love the color. I have seen this at Billing last year and it looked truly immaculate, very nice Manta.
  3. This has made my week looking at your Manta I hope you are proud of her.
  4. Nice Manta, hope I see Molly finished one day.
  5. Oh right sorry I didn't know I haven't done it that way before, I will give it a try. Good thing you said that as it will make it a lot easier for Kal to show us this amazing Manta.
  6. That's such a great situation to be in, I looked up the original dealer of mine J.B Motors and it appears they are still there as a Vauxhall dealer now. It would be very interesting if some of the original staff that worked with Mantas are still employed there. Let me know how you get on with the pictures and I am excited to see them! Regards, Jack.
  7. Does look a nice Manta there and I noticed that the back end was higher than usual, hopefully whoever buys it can rectify it without trouble. Looks like it still has it's original exhaust on it or at least the silencer and the original cardboard radiator tray is still in place to although a little sagged. I don't recognize the reg personally does anyone else know of it?
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