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  1. I actually remember that advert !!! She’s got the standard Exclusive spec, as I don’t think there were many options around at that time, as GM were phasing them out and it was a case of what they could get. Luckily I had a friendly dealer, who knew my dad for years who knew what I wanted and gave me the heads up that he was getting a red coupe 2.0 GTE Exclusive(The Money Pit) and a Monaco blue 1.8 hatch exclusive and I had first refusal on either. He even kept hold of her so I could get the F plate. Owned her from new. Recently had the underside refurbished, along with the suspension and brakes recently at the Car SOS Workshop.
  2. Thanks Paul. She’s emptied my wallet there a few times !! Got them a few extra viewers as well I imagine .
  3. Bp ultimate user here !!! I believe all the super unleaded fuels are staying at E5
  4. After many years of Manta ownership-since 1987 to be exact I’ve finally got round to joining the club!!!! I’m sure I’ll have spoken to a few on the Facebook page so hello again. Hopefully you’ll recognise The Money Pit !!!!
  5. Hi Niall. 
    Was just looking at your post re headlight adjusters. 
    Are you still looking for these as there was a guy who managed to get some 3D printed in plastic and was selling off if you’re still interested. 

    Couldn't reply directly on the thread

  6. Got a 075 fitted to my GTE. Fits fine but as mentioned has higher cca
  7. Had that done to mine Also had some twat try to nick it - slight paint damage on the rear three quarter surrounds like a screw driver was used in an attempt to force the glass.
  8. Sorry been a while but fairly certain was with the Gmoc colours. The Rothmans livery is my favourite.
  9. There’s a company called classic silicone hoses ( or simillar) that can do hoses for Mantas as well as making bespoke pieces. Got a set off them no so long ago and was decent quality and fitment. Give them a shout - sorry can’t open your pic to see which you want but there’s a pic on the link of the “ standard “ Manta ones they do. www.classicsiliconehoses.com
  10. Took a bit of time to post on here. Apologies Some time ago I was work8ng in Rowlands Pharmacy by the supermarket in Wem Shropshire when to my amazement I saw a white 400 with Irmscher ( yellow and gray ) striping driving out. So I was wondering anyone on here and is it a real 400 ? If so it’s the first 400 I’ve seen in the flesh ,if not still a superb looking car.
  11. One of the last ones. Not many of us left.
  12. Thank you for that Herman. Really grateful for the clarification. Im sure I won't be the only to benefit from your help.
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