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  1. Thanks for the info - appreciated. Just wondered if it was a simple diy job - obviously not!! Might see if there’s any adjustment on the hinge bolts as they’ve never been adjusted. Had the tank out recently - to change all the fuel pipes recently - Sod’s law !!
  2. Hi Does anyone know if it’s possible ( and how) to adjust the boot on a coupe? The passenger side on mine is sitting a few mm higher and I’m getting water in the spare wheel well. I’ve changed the seal and it’s improved but I still get a little puddle in there. luckily I’ve covered the area with rust eater and Lanoguard so rust isn’t an issue but ultimately I’d like to stop it. Massive thanks in advance.
  3. You and me both !! I remember seeing a fair few i200s there. Do wish I’d bought one. I did pop down to the Irmscher depot and asking about the costs of a conversion, think they quoted what seemed like a horrendous price.
  4. Think the idea of a parts list/ suppliers is a great idea. Personally I’m glad I joined simply for the wealth of knowledge on tap
  5. Keep up the good work. Nice to see another being saved. ps. Not a million miles from me by the look of things. Fun fact - Irmscher and Steve Thompson cars were both located in Walsall.
  6. Have you got your original and is it reasonable condition?? Mine was leaking and I had it sent off to be refurbished.
  7. Might be worth posting who you got them from. Might help someone else out, maybe??
  8. See they’ve got the door trim clips at the bottom of the page as well. Bonus!!
  9. Had the same issue few years back, trying to get some work done on mine as well. They might be busy but still not an excuse for ignoring people. Just my tuppence.
  10. Wow. Absolutely amazing pair of Mantas there. The guy that made the kits has some skills.
  11. I believe Classic Oils should be able to help with the correct oil for all your bits and bobs.
  12. That’s a gorgeous looking car and welcome.
  13. Never mind the A series - where’s the engine in the white 400 ! Gutted I can’t make it, never seen a 400 in the flesh. Not to mention the pork pies there !!
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