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  1. Hi, any A series for sale ? what you got? need another one been regretting selling my last one, cheers
  2. cheers mike,that's as far as I got. dead end ha ha
  3. no, sorry no many didgital cameras in them days lol. I bought it from a member on here from stirling in Scotland.took just over a year to restore but never took any fotos,think it headed over to fife some way cos I seen it in a classified a few weeks later at twice the price with all the work the guy had done to it lol
  4. is anyone on this site? seems very quiet
  5. Looking to see if anyone knows the owner of my old A, orange TAL 308L bought it years ago from the guy from stirling(sorry cant remember his name) restored it but lost my garage. I checked dvla and know its been off the road for a bit. any info or contact would be great.cheers
  6. Andrew,are you up at the pressure washer place on the road to Aberdeen?
  7. Hi, was a member on here way back but sold my A series and got back into Harleys lol. im gonna try and find my old car and see if its for sale, did a lot of work on it but lost my storage. great seeing the mantas again so be great to tag along.cheers
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