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  1. Any mint Manta As or B facelifts for sale?
  2. It is a club member that's 80 miles from me! It's in good condition, if I sell the Sierra I want to buy his, it's a grey Berlinetta hatch. About 1.2-1.8K for the Sierra. I think that's reasonable, I prefer coupe, but I know I wouldn't get one for the price I sell my Sierra and the money I have on me, so I'd rather a hatch.
  3. Been looking to join the club for nearly 2 years! But it's just finding the perfect one, right? I'd happily swap for anything, even if it needs stuff done to it, I'd hope it was something nearby, but the nearest manta I know of is like 80 miles from me! My Sierra is mint, garaged all its life, drives like a dream, and turns a lot of eyes. A few people think it's a Cossie with the spoiler on it haha. If I had the choice of any Manta to have, it would definitely be a Facelifted B, GTJ. I have a few people wanting the Sierra, but no one to buy so far, someone offered me a Saab 9000 and I was offered a Capri, but I'd prefer the Manta, and then I thought I could always try.
  4. How will there be a meltdown? Haha Just want to get a Manta, and I thought I could try swap it for one
  5. Hello, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in swapping for my 1991 Ford Sierra Sapphire Chasseur 1.8L CVH. It's got 50K on the clock, Never welded, 2 Owners from new, Complete new exhaust system fitted over a month ago. Mot till 28th September 2016.
  6. Love the old Panda! I'd like an old 4X4. Very very nice Fiat. Older Fiats are my thing, I'd also like a strada Abarth 130TC. I'm going to have money to buy a manta by May, Hopefully something mint, preferably coupe, I'd be happy with a hatch too though. If anyone's selling around that time, let me know.
  7. I've got 4K saved, was wondering what Late Manta Bs are about for sale with MOT?
  8. Ohh I'll check that out! I've found a manta that i'm hopefully going to buy, Just hoping it doesn't slip through my fingers and sells to someone else! I love my wee Tipo, I'd also like a Sedicivalvole.
  9. The title says it all, I'm looking at buying my first manta. I'm reasonably good condition, I'm after either a GTJ, Berlinetta Or GTE, Hatch or Coupe. Just wondered what's out there? What have you's got? : )
  10. Very nice, I live right next to Aberdeenshire. The one in Glasgow is a lovely car, But I don't quite have enough money for it.
  11. I will do thank you, And no he's not an Opel man, He likes his cars, Not as much as I do though. I've liked the manta since I was about 10. I used to have a 400R toy car that my uncle gave me, That's where I remember them from. Always wanted one, hopefully that wish will become my reality pretty soon. And yeah, I don't know anyone my age that likes older cars, I also have a Fiat Tipo Forumla, 1 of 11 left in the UK.
  12. Damn, Both lovely mantas. I can't wait to get mine! Been waiting so long. Id like a B series Facelifted GTJ. With the original wheels. Or a GTE. Not seen any for sale in Scotland however.
  13. Hi, I'm Tom, I'm 19. Don't own a manta (unfortunately), Big fan. Still saving for a Manta. My favorites are the GTJ and Berlinetta. How about everyone else's?
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