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  1. Ian well done. What did you take. I've been to 2 POs round me and they didn't know what to do unless it's on the basis of disability Btw this post is still an inspiration and really helped me with ideas and decisions to redo things when I see how good they can be😁
  2. Ian inspired by your progress started to get to grips with some issues of my own. Removed boot seal and at least got a good template for replacing the lip that the new one will go on to
  3. Ian you're putting me to shame more and more. looks really good and inspires me to look at the rear of mine again. Do you have a correct paint colour for the black on the rear where the Vauxhall letters are. I was trying to match a satin gloss to do mine. Andy
  4. Fair bit of body work. I've already replaced the front valence, springs and dampers, but the rear arches and a few bits of rust showing through the paint hint at more work. it's been relatively well looked after in the past and flies through the MoT. Past welding underneath is functional rather than pretty but that's a whole lot of tea to drink before I tackle that
  5. Ian thanks for the reply on the bumper strips. Might be able to salvage some of the clips and the strip Good work on the quarter panel. Looking at doing the wheel arches with replacement panel on mine. At the moment only brave enough to do planning with tea in hand. Resorted to sorting out rear end
  6. Ian you're way ahead of me on my Cavvy. Really interesting to see what you've done. I have the same problem you had with bumper strips. Did you find any one who has replacements as mine both have splits and dodgy repairs (bolts and self tappers through the strip) Cheers Andy
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