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  1. Thanks for the info guys. I'll see how I go.... We certainly have rust here, but not to the extent that small countries (ie. never far from the ocean) or those with salted roads do. VLs in particular tend to rust mostly around the front and rear windscreens, and the rear boot (trunk?) seal. All minor issues initially, but if not addressed it can spread and become terminal rather quickly due to proximity to structural areas.
  2. Hi "kids" I actually found this forum whilst looking for the part I need. Rather than coming here to steal your goodies and then sneak off into the night, I thought I'd sign up and join the party (see my intro thread, just completed). Anyway................. Needed: Blanking/blockoff/delete plate that covers the hole where the factory radio/stereo goes. This was fitted to base-model cars. How much: One was sold here a short while ago for £10, it's a lot for an old bit of plastic but I guess with age/rarity in mind it's by no means unfair. Happy to pay postage on top of this, although I'm in Australia it will only be a few £ more. Can pay via paypal. What car: This is tricky. Years/models don't correlate well between countries. Best to use a picture - just needs to be from a Manta/Senator/whatever-you-call-it that has this type of stereo/ashtray/lighter layout. I've put up three pictures to give you an idea. By the way: I understand that you can get generic ones from ebay but hey while I'm spending the money and going to the trouble I may as well get an original one. I'm also a bit of a weirdo when it comes to using original gear... Thanks Shifty
  3. Hi "kids" New member here from Australia. I have a VL Commodore which as you'd know is based off & therefore similar in may ways to various Opel (et al) models. I would offer some pictures but it is quite literally a bare shell at the moment. Perhaps I'll have some updates later. Our VL Commodore (again, as you may know) was available with a Nissan (!) SOHC 6cyl 3.0 EFI Turbo motor. I'm here looking for information and pictures on the various related models (the ones we call "first generation" which here is 1978/9 to 1988) and a few little odds and ends that were either uncommon or not available on our cars. For interest's sake, here is a picture of my specific model (again, not my actual car!):
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