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  1. I had the same problem with mine a couple of years ago. I found a post on another forum which suggested changing the capacitors, which cured the problem, but I can't find the post now.
  2. Hi, I'm having the same problem as above. I've used the link but only get the option for full membership. Could you please change mine to web only before I pay? Thanks
  3. Thanks, I must have missed the them.
  4. As the title, I am looking for either a set of 4 Vauxhall or 2 Opel centre caps for ATS Classics to go in my Cavalier Sportshatch. Vauxhall ones prefered, although I realise that these are probably rare. Can anyone help?
  5. Does anybody have a set of original rear seatbelts for a hatch for sale? I don't want to buy the universal ones as I want to keep the car looking original. I have a set of lapbelts fitted in my Cavalier Sportshatch but would be happier with 3 point belts for my kids. Thanks, Brian
  6. Good choice. I've just finished fitting my foglamp kit. I was pleased to find that all the wiring is there and I just had to plug in the relay and the switch to get them working.
  7. Thanks. There are so few standard ones left that I want to keep this as original as possible, although I have managed to get an original Vauxhall fog lamp kit to fit.
  8. Thanks. Coincidentally, that's what my daughters called it when it broke down on the A3 during February half term ☺
  9. It has been a while since I posted on here, but the fuel tank refurb has been completed and the car back on the road for a couple of months now. A couple more pictures below showing 1) the inside of the tank once the metal prep has done it's job. 2) After sealing. This was a long winded process as I had to keep turning the tank every half hour or so to make sure it was all covered. All breather holes were blocked with wire and tap to stop it leaking out. Unfortunately I did not remove the wire before it had fully dried and ended up with permanently blocked breathers! I managed to solve it by heating and straightening each breather pipe and running a drill through. However, when trying to straighten the breather again most of them snapped off. Luckily I was left with just enough pipe left to clamp the new breather hose to. Picture 3 shows the tank after painting with Rustbuster epoxy mastic 121. The first major run after the tank refurb was to the Vauxhall Heritage Centre open day on 10th April, where the car performed very well.
  10. Yes this is the bowl section inside the tank, taken through the sender hole. The next stage is using the metal prep solution. The cleaning stage is time consuming as you have to keep moving the tank around to make sure the solution all the inside surfaces.
  11. Yes, the car is in excellent condition and the mileage appears to be genuine. It was originally registered in Merton, Surrey, so it has almost come back home again. I'm using the POR15 tank restoration kit from Frosts. Not cheap, but certainly worthwhile doing now while it's only got minor surface rust and no leaks. It's still got the cleaner in it at the moment, so I'll update when I've finished. This is what the inside of the tank looked like earlier. While the tank is out I''ve treated the surface rust on the underside with FE123 rust convertor. Before and after photos below. I will be painting it with Epoxy mastic paint. I've not used either before but they came out well in Classics Magazine tests a couple of years ago.
  12. New breather pipes made up as old ones are perished. Tank is basically OK but have started cleaning out and sealing with Frost's tank refurb kit to be on the safe side.
  13. Now I've had my Sports Hatch for a couple of months I thought I should document some of the work that I've done tl it so far. Back in November last year I took a gamble and bid on a 29,000 mile from new Cavalier Sports Hatch that was listed on Ebay. The car was in Northern Ireland and I live in Hampshire, so it wasn't practical to view before buying. After talking to the owner and doing some further research to reassure myself that everything was above board, I paid the money and waited nervously for the car to arrive. It turned up early one morning on the back of a transporter but unfortunately it wouldn't start so we rolled it off the back of the transporter. When I had time to investigate further I put a gallon of fresh petrol in and, although it still didn't run I found that it would start if I poured some petrol directly into the carb. I took the top off the carb and freed off the needle valve and managed to get the car running. It has been dry stored for at least 10 years so I have had to do a few jobs to get the car running properly such as a recored heater matrix, new points and distributor cap and oil and filter change. The car passed the MOT with no problems in December and I have been doing short trips to be sure that it will be reliable. It has become apparent that it suffers from fuel starvation at higher speeds, which is caused by the filter on the fuel pump from getting clogged up. After cleaning this out it runs fine for a few miles before it cuts out again. I have now decided to remove and clean out the tank properly.
  14. Thanks Carl, hopefully I won't need to make a habit of it but you will be the first to call if I need any bits.
  15. I did restore and modify an Escort Mk2 a few years ago, but I sold that because I preferred the Viva - much more refined. I've just found some photos of my old Manta too, which I sold in 2004.
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