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  1. Mantaray, wow really nice welding
  2. Thanks for the link, mantaman, simon did an amazing job, his car is wonderful
  3. Of course: and his little sister has a new paint Now you know i love classic " stock" cars and also modified
  4. Trust me, il do my own research but il only speak french And english And i dont find anythin for rekord c . I posted on german sites but no answers so i Still search. .. but thanks to You cause il got many great infos on triste site ☺
  5. It would be great if i could use omega brakes !!! i asked about upgrading brakes on a german site but they dont seem to speak english or french !!
  6. Snowy, i didnt find any info on upgrading brakes on a 69' rekord c, except coomodore a brakes which arent much more efficient and hard to find parts in france!!
  7. this omega A has met a big tree and the shell is dead !! i think i could be a saver instead of a destroyer !! What scares me are the 136hp of the x20xev for my rekord which has brakes for 75 hp and the "sensors problems" of the x20xev, plus hydraulic clutch to fit etc Maybe i am wrong ?
  8. THx again Snowy, if i ask this question , its because i think im gonna buy the omega A i found last week, it has only 75k miles, really well maintained ( new distribution, water pump etc), the owner is an old lady, she has all the bills to prove that and i love the idea of a low rev torqued engine like c20ne as my rekord coupe will be used for cruisin and daily drive with only few kilometers per day! Do you think i can show my car in "your project" even if its not a Manta ?
  9. Hello, i know these engines have different "personality" ( sorry, i dont have the english word), but which one has the BEST MPG? I mean stock engines, essentially for town ! THx If there is a difference, is it really significative?
  10. yes, i was thinking to do that, if anybody else have an experience with this combination, you are welcome thx snowy for your interest
  11. Snowy,on the link you gave me for the fwd sump ,it was fittable with c16nz2 , in the link i have just posted it will fit with a c16nz, so i tought it was fitable on a c20ne or a x20xev
  12. hello, do you think this sump would fit on a x20xev or a c20ne ? http://www.fsrs-partswebshop.nl/en/pan-assy-oil-opel-ascona-c-corsa-a-kadett-e-vectr.html
  13. here is the same car like mine: Here is my crossmember after painting: a c20ne sump modified for a rekord c done by a guy who made a c20ne swap on its car, he tells its a fwd sump : better sized
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