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  1. Wanted good manta hatch fuel tank carb our injection cheers
  2. You will always get code 19 if tested without running codes 93 94 the hall sensor in the dizzy but this will not make the car run as you described it will just make the engine seem flat all the time
  3. Had this with a manta 1.8 box onto an xe and it would only work with a 4speed thrust bearing turned out to be the pressure plate on my car ps I will be removing a 1.8 engine soon from a recent purchase to fit a c20let you more than welcome to the flywheel and clutch etc if it helps save another manta
  4. Should have some of these at the unit will check later do you need a full set ?
  5. I will give you a half shaft if I get discount on a 5 stud set
  6. blue are coil pack xe cream are early xe and yellow a c20let. Cream run 2.5bar regulator blue and yellow 3bar i have cream our blue ones 30 a set plus postage
  7. Yes the lips are different I have all types the exclusive ones are quite a bit thicker il get a pic tomorrow of 2 very slightly different 400 ones and an exclusive one for all to see differences
  8. Yes the 400 spoiler is thinner on the sides that bolt to rear quarter I have both at the unit I can get pics if it helps
  9. Roof is a tedious job I cut the sunroof out then I cut about 3mm up from the roof side lips and removed all spot welds in front and rear window frames and slowly ground the lips away down the sides till I was back at the internal skin but I did have my father cast his eye other the job and he’s done a few first one he did was for Charlie from leek many moons ago I believe it just takes time cracking job so far 👍
  10. I can supply you these brackets removed from my 400r build also may have a spare number plate bracket do you need the white square inserts that push into front lower panel the screws go into which hold the number plate bracket
  11. I have one if Danny’s is no good same money
  12. Get them balanced up and set tps voltage she will purrrrr 🙂
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