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  1. Hi after set of blue manta coupe cavalier saloon seats they are for cavalier saloon but manta ones will do blue carpets also cash waiting
  2. Hi on the look out for manta b pedal box with cabin mounted cylinders if any one has info on new ones our a good used before I buy an escort one and make it fit cheers john
  3. Rally and competion in stoke sell a mk2 escort xe manifold as mentioned above fits very well just needs slight adjustment around crossmember very good price if you go and pay cash 👍
  4. Luke from chesterfield did you by and chance used to go to phill and mick squires rally and competion in knypersly / biddulph for parts ? I use them for anything I can but Mick said to me he used to no a guy from chesterfield who delt in manta /opel parts years ago
  5. I had one fitted to my cavalier with Xe on tb's it was good for donuts and did lock up well when drag starting etc but was not so good for lanes I waited over 12months and manage to find a zf plate diff swapped it over different car to drive altogether with the advantage of diff locking on and off the throttle if u select the right ramp angles makes it a lot easier to throw the car from one bend to the next in other words if I gave it a flick to set up up for the bend with the black line it would only start to slide when applied powe was as the zf would come out straight away and pulled the car back straight nicely under full throttle Get a plate diff I think the grippers are of a similar design to the zf black line did wat it said but if u drive hard u want a plate diff
  6. Manta coupe panels wanted both front floor pans boot floor with our with out wheel well
  7. as above I am after I no they are very rare. Iver a 4.1 crown wheel and pinion our a 4.4 thanks in advance cash waiting for good condition set
  8. Hi all I am after the paint codes for the Russel Brooke's manta 400 in orange blue red etc also if anyone happens to no were I may be able to get the decals from cheers in advance
  9. Cavalier coupe I used to have a hatch now have mk1 cavalier saloon with Xe on tbs which will be going in the 400r when it's done my father will be doing the body he is long time manta fanatic having owned over 100 mantas and body man by trade so I no it will be done right it's just a case of getting good quality kit which it looks Martin is the man for I will start a build thread when I finally get into it this winter need to get my mk2 gte finished of first so I've got ramp free for the 400r project cheers all advice
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