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  1. There are a lot of copy Bosch pumps around I payed nearly 100 for a genuine Bosch one from rally and competion last summer and it is very quiet compared to a surposed Bosch one I had of eBay for 45 quid that makes soon noise when asked to provide 3.5bar pressure hence y I changed it sounded like a strangled cat but still worked I didn’t want to chance my nice new forged pistons getting melted at 8000rpm when It gave up 🙂 Best pumps are the original ones of manta Astra gtes nova gtes and cav gsi etc
  2. lt77 discovery 200tdi box and r380 box discovery 300tdi don’t forget the lt77 reverse is by first on an r380 it’s were 6th gear would be stick definitely fits as I have fitted 300 stick selector to my 200tdi lt77 one my centralised spring clip broke which sets the neutral position but that’s on a discovery I no the box’s were used in triumphs etc as well in 2wd form
  3. Yes vacuum connect to end of inlet on no4 And I have manifold to put them on angle once I have done it will confirm if they contact servo our not
  4. Same angle as carbs level on carb manifold I have got an in-line with ports manifold to go on will get some pics of wanted
  5. Dcoe style jenveys .carbs also fit but no3 and 4 trumpets very close to servo and reservoir thanks for link and column advice il be of to get a mk1 pedal box this week
  6. They do fit it all depends which inlet you have some have lugs sticking The early Astra gte 16v 20xe engines has no lugs on back i have Jenveys in my cav C20xe and they just clear standard servo but no chance of fitting back plate for sausage type air filters I will be swaping mine then I find the brake and clutch pedal won’t go over the steering column have you had to adjust the column cage ? I am currently at the stage of fitting on my rally car build I literally cut the front of the servo mounting area on Wednesday night but I am at the stage we’re I mite take the whole box out and fab new box which model mk1 escort ?I will be of the rally and competion this week and see if they will do me a deal on my Mk2 1 for a mk1 set up as looks to fit a lot better
  7. Is that a mk1 escort pedal box I have brought Mk2 for mine and needs a far amount of fettling to get it to fit nice
  8. Manta hatch

    Gear stick

    Is the gaiter your after our complete stick with mount bracket
  9. Very nice example one thing is for sure the cabs are always solid compared to mantas as they were made out of different steel
  10. I have a few sets of these will dig out at weekend if still wanted
  11. Wanted 4 slot front panel just the centre section will do
  12. Carlos my father has a black coupe for cutting up it has a good roof and the area around fill cap is good if any thing of any use let me no and il speak to my father cheers young John
  13. Ps I will be offering axle rebuild services once I finally get my projects out of the way also restoration services and my fathers has been at these things for 30 years having owned over 100 cavalier and manta his quality of work is outstanding he has a a workshop manual in his head 🙂 once we are set I will advertise properly and supply pictures of some of the mantas he has restored
  14. Update time new crown and pinion fitted and working smooth and silent at over 130mph 🙂 so I striped 3 axles a 3.44 ,3.67. And a 3.89 from danny sohns all 3 axles had different control numbers on pinion and gear flank numbers . to my surprise all 3 axles had 0.55 mm shims fitted under rear pinion bearing cups i emailed Danny sohns they wouldn’t sell me the dimensions of tools (I offered 100 euros !) but he told me to use the shims the rekord pigs head came with and It would be fine I then found my genuine mk1 cavalier workshop manuals out and the pinion setting is done different to that in the manta book but the nominal figure in the genuine cavalier workshop manual is 0.55mm I will upload pages from workshop manual also have bearing part numbers in fag Timken and skf which I will upload later so for any one swapping crown and pinion etc use 0.55 my shims land check mesh with engineers blue I put money on its spot on I do have some figures to measure from diff case flange to pinion head also which can be used Ps shims can be had from tractor supplies Massey Ferguson gearbox shims are the right size and can be had in all sizes 56id 72od hope this helps others pictures to follow Impression carnt be seen the best in picture but was spot on centre of tooth nice and even tip have some one put a bit of pressure on diff while you turn pinion to get a better impression rebuilding these axles really ain’t as hard as it seems all tho I do rebuild hydro gearbox’s most days at work just remember to set diff carrier preload and pinion preload which I set then have made a solid spacer instead of the crappy crush tubes I set it then measured crush tube and machined up a solid spacer etc
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