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  1. Best chap I have found is Andrew at ap race engines very reasonable costs and good with most ecus what he don’t know ain’t worth knowing well worth the travel tried numerous places over the years Andrew is a cut above the rest
  2. I don’t know why the car looks high at the rear on the photos as it’s sits sound and level but for some reason looks high at the rear On the photos
  3. I would have kept the manta but I have 2 coupes one on spit and others coming along how I have resisted from putting a 16v in i don’t know 😂be a shame to spoil a original car I think personally. But I Have this to finish off once the hatch is out the way . that being said if I don’t get a sensible price it will stay
  4. The car is one of mine cracking original car lightly restored only for sale as I don’t have space too keep them all inside 😔and it was this our my Astra gte one had to go may be a small discount if a club member wants the car would like it to go to a good home
  5. As above wanted drivers window regulator of later car with less spines same as photo below
  6. I have cavalier coupe shell had good non sunroof roof fitted properly needs a few bits of welding but by no means a rot box inner wings legs etc good back of sills edge of one rear arch above front jacking points need work May sell for a good price
  7. Yes I will advertise as rolling shell if it don’t go il cut it for panels I already have to many to keep it 😂😂 brought for a few spares it’s all in primer Someone has prepped most of the car to a decent standard
  8. Just purchased this car very solid old shell requires welding to drivers swan neck and lower front valance damaged will make a nice car may sell as rolling shell our cut but seams a shame to cut inner wings battery tray floors and boot floor mint even the fuel tank looks solid had 4speed fitted at some time but 5 speed tunnel top is still there with hole cut for 4 speed
  9. Still wanted will buy a complete set of seats our just a frame will pay up to £100 for a frame
  10. Thanks but Astra subframes are different I have an astra gte the sliders are very similar may be the same I have sliders it’s the frame which bolts to the floor of the manta I am after cheers anyway
  11. After drivers recaro seat subframe will buy a pair, a seat , a set of seats ….
  12. Thanks for the offer will keep it in mind Pm sent
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