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  1. Thank you very much! To me, that makes sense. I’ve heard a few different opinions. Some people say to just push down until clicks and others say hammer them down a bit. Im much happier tapping them down. Thanks for the heads up about tapping them down too far! Regards Dave
  2. I’ll Do that! Thanks for all your advice. Just renewed my membership. Can’t believe it expired in 2017! Thanks again Dave
  3. Hey chaps/chapesess Im replacing my valve stem oil seals on my Manta A C20LET. When installing new seals, do you push them on until they click into place, or do you need to tap them down with a hammer? The originals appear to be installed until they click, as it takes very little effort to pull them off and are very easily rotated, which doesn’t seem right. Any thoughts? Or anybody know the answer to this one? Thanks in advance. Dave.
  4. Thanks very much. I’ll be sure to do that. I started to take down the head, and found something interesting. Following removal of the rocker cover I noticed number one inlet valve stem oil seal (the only one on inlet that’s visible at this point) looked like it was sitting high. I managed to get a thin screw drive in (only just) and managed to rotate the seal freely. Pardon my slight ignorance to the xe/let, I am a tech, but I’m only just gaining experience with this engine after purchasing my Manta A 4 years ago with it already installed. I wouldn’t of thought the seal should rotate so easily. Anyway, I’ll have the head off in a few days, between doing everything else.... (working through my wife’s To-Do list). If it’s a popped off oil seal, it’ll explain a lot. Thanks again. Dave
  5. Ah yes, I know the one. Just checked it, the baffle plate is still present and complete. I’ll be sure to do it. Just so I understand, the oil runs along the baffle and ends up getting into the small pair of breather pipes and subsequently into
  6. Ah yes, I know the one. Just checked it, the baffle plate is still present and complete. I’ll be sure to do it. Just so I understand, the oil runs along the baffle and ends up getting into the small pair of breather pipes and subsequently into the manifold?
  7. Thanks Paul. The Breather Mod, is that the fitting of a Baffle?
  8. Hi chaps, I’m going for it! Replacing the Valve Stem Oil Seals, hopefully it should fix my problem. But, do you think it’s worth doing the Piston Rings while I have the head off anyway? Dave
  9. Ehhh that was very obvious, Ha. In my head I was planning to shorten the tube. Moving the plug would be a lot easier in theory. Hopefully get a look at it this weekend when I get home from work.
  10. This is fantastic info! Thank you so much for going to the bother of checking this out. This makes total sense. Shortening the tube sounds like a simple enough adjustment. If it doesn’t work out, it won’t be the hardest thing to revert. I’ll be sure to keep you posted for your own knowledge, and upload some pics.
  11. That’s fantastic. Id really appreciate that. I have the oil level at the point where it just touches the RedTop dipstick. I’m not completely convinced it’ll sort my problem.
  12. Does it bolt straight on or do I have to modify it?
  13. Hey Danny. No, it’s the original that was on the C20LET. Why, what’s you thoughts?
  14. That’s what I was thinking too, as it appears to be getting slowly worse. One thing I have noticed, is that the two breathers on the rocker are not connected to anything. I might plumb them in and create a negative pressure in the crank case which appears it doesn’t have.
  15. Hey Chaps, My Manta A with C20LET puffs out a cloud of smoke when slowing down and just before stopping, & only when hot. She has the wing type sump, and I was thinking maybe it has too much oil. The oil might be getting thrown forward and preventing the Turbo oil return pipe from draining freely, or the oil is getting up into the cylinders. Can anyone tell me me does the wing type sump require less oil? I’m using the original dip stick and have oil just above minimum. Thanks in advance Dave
  16. Interesting. That makes sense. But I’m surprised it needs baffles for normal road driving. I can understand for the track. I’ll check it out. Cheers for that.
  17. That’s my thoughts too. The oil must be sloshing around the rockers area. I’ve never stripped a red top head, I’m sure it’s like any other head.
  18. Hi chaps. Wondering if anyone has come across this situation I’m having. My Manta A with C20LET is sometimes burning oil. It does it as the car comes to a stop, like at a set of traffic lights, durning normal driving conditions, and at full running temp. Ok when cold. If I come to a stop smothly and gradually it won’t burn any oil, but if I stop normally or abruptly a big puff of white/blue smoke comes out the exhaust for a couple of seconds, then it goes away. Any thoughts?
  19. Hi guys. I have a Manta A with a Red Top Turbo, Type 9 Ford Capri 2.8i 5 speed gearbox and Manta B GTE differential. My problem: when cruising at anything over 50MPH the engine is screaming it's head off. Is it possible to change the ratio of the differential? Has anybody got any experience in this. Cheers Dave.
  20. Not yet Andy. Keep meaning to dust off the lap top and upload some. It's a pity you can't attach them with your mobile device. I might do it tomorrow, since it's a bank holiday and all that.
  21. Hey Andy thanks for that, I'll give them a try too. Cheers. Dave
  22. Hey Dan, That would be fantastic. My mobile number is 07801 954 250. I'm available all day. The Reg of the Manta is OMB 270 L, if that helps. Regards Dave
  23. Hi everyone. My C20LET Manta A is almost ready for the highway. I've never insured a modified classic before. I see Adrian Flux is linked to this site, are they any good and is there anyone else worth trying too? I'm also in NI, and I know that can sometimes be an issue, for some strange reason. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance. Regads Dave
  24. That's fantastic Wayne. I work away from home during the week, so I'll check the size at the weekend and let you know. Thanks again. Dave
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