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  1. looking for mint sapphire blue manta or cavalier coupe must be really clean example and original specs thanks john
  2. Howard’s manga still living hope to be back out for summer
  3. I am restoring it for a chap in newcastle as you can see it’s buried at the moment
  4. Looking for a nice ascona b 4 door cash waiting for right car 1.9 or 2.0 Berlina preferred I’ve too many coupes so time for a change
  5. Great looking car from a distance but close up needs full paint job blisters starting on all panels but it’s a straight 99% rust free example but he wants 5k I’d of thought 4K would be top money as it will want at least 1500 spending on it to get it towards mint and recommissioned
  6. Hi looking for rust free boot lid for 78 coupe so no spoiler holes don’t mind if it is off a Cav coupe or manta thanks john
  7. Looking for excellent coupe back panel secondhand or new old stock
  8. Looking for a cavalier coupe anything considered even a concourse example thanks john
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