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  1. Afternoon all, Some of you may have seen my Hello post a few months back. I have a Chevette estate with the 2.0cih engine from Manta GT/E, it came out of an automatic and for ease of installation the box wasn't changed. I am now after a manual box that will fit the engine and having contacting a few sellers on here (one being very helpful just too far away) I feel like it's going to be a bit of a struggle finding one. I have also tried the search function but to not too much success. My question is what options do I have when it comes to fitting a manual box on to the 2.0? Am I stuck with the 240? If anyone has something that would do the job then please fee free to get in touch. Cheers Jamie
  2. Evening all. Thanks Robah and Mantaman for the warm welcomes. Robah, thank you also for the PDF link. It has already come in handy. Mantaman, I was in the garage again tonight after a couple of nights off. I had been gathering some ignition bits in a hope that my problems were an easy fix. Sadly, whilst there was definitely an improvement in the running of the engine. On the first turn of the key it showed reluctance and eventually cut out. I tried again whilst giving it a bit of throttle and it started but didn't liked to be revved. Everytime it revved and came back down it just stalled. I had read up that the brown sensor on top of the thermostat housing can play up and mess up with cold starts etc so I unplugged it and shorted the connector. Car started 1st time with no throttle and loved to be revved. I took out the shorting links and tried to start and it was utter garbage almost instantly. Definitely think the sensor is knackered. So just need to find out what the bame of it is so I can order another. Cheers again for your input guys. Jamie
  3. http://www.opel-forum.nl/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=53740&start=175
  4. This is where I hold my hands up and say I don't know a massive amount about a car's mechanics and this project is hopefully going to address that. I haven't any pics at the moment although I have found one on google if the auto-choke is the device at the beginning of the injector rail and straight after the filter hose, then yes it does! What is the fix with this? Also to the right of this device is a brown plug with 2 spade type connectors going in to the inlet. The plug has broken down and a bit is missing so i will have to repair this also. Cheers TRE. jamie Just checked and the cut and paste of the google photo hasn't worked!
  5. Hi TRE, It most definitely is. Some kind of cold start issue, have had a bit of a play and a clean of the dizzy and spark plugs has helped considerably but it is still there. Other than that, happy with the purchase. Quite like that it hasn't had the obligatory XE conversion, although wouldn't put that idea out just yet. 8) Cheers Jamie
  6. Evening all. Clue's in the title, I have just bought a 1984 Chevette estate. It is powered by the Manta GTE 2.0 CiH engine. I am going to be spending a bit of time lurking the forum as I have a few running issues. Any literature etc. regarding the engine you guys think would be worth looking at then all will be appreciated. I am unable to upload a pic as on phone at the minute. I look forward to getting to know you all. Cheers Jamie
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