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  1. Lol. 🤣 Yes it was a question I sent into Pratical Classics.
  2. Hello guys Just a update on my latest braking issue. Located those two bolts on the backplate on my passenger rear brakes. Freed them right off, spun the drum & adjusted them accordingly. And now it spins freely just like the drivers side.👍 A big thanks again for the info from my fellow members. 😃
  3. Hello again fellow members. I'm in need of a new wiper switch for my Manta A. Can anybody help please? Ian
  4. Brilliant thanks. I'll have a look over the week & update you. Thanks again.
  5. I don't think my Manta A has rear plate adjusters. It just has a solid steel bar between the shoes. (if that's what you mean?) 🤔 I need to have a look at adjusting the handbrake. 🤔
  6. Thanks for the info yet again. I'll check those things. Thanks for the info yet again. I'll check those things.
  7. Hello Again Fellow Members Here's another head scratching situation that I've encountered today on my Manta A. It's been a nagging issue ever since I took it for it's MOT last November. When the MOT tester was doing his usual checks he found the passenger rear wheel wasn't turning freely like the drivers side. But he passed the car anyway & told me to have a look when I have a chance. I also had grabbing brakes towards the end of last year, so I thought both these issues were due to worn brake shoes or wheel cylinders. Having some Birthday money I decided to spend it on a brand new set of front brake pads, new brake shoes, springs, shoe pins & new wheel cylinders, so everything is brand new braking wise. After finally getting around to fitting all these new parts I thought JOB DONE! But while the car was up on axel stands I thought I'd start the car up & select first gear. I got out & saw the drivers side rotating as it should, but the passenger side not moving at all! I even tried turning it by hand but it hardly budged!!!! Does anyone have any idea's or ever encountered this? Normally I'm quite competent with normal wear & tear issues that I come across on classic cars, but this one's got me really puzzled! Can anyone help please? 🤔
  8. Hello again I appreciate all the tips that your throwing my way. Thank you. I managed to get an hour in the garage earlier today. I removed the brake drums off & took a look. The brake cylinders look a bit ancient & but the brake shoes seem to be pretty good with plenty of meat left on them. I'm thinking of replacing the brake shoes, cylinders, springs etc with brand new ones. Haven't got round to look at the front brakes yet. I've attached some pics to see what you think?
  9. Sorry for the late reply, been really busy. Family birthdays & work. I tried the handbrake test & it did lock the brakes! So I need to take the rear drums off. I will try & get out to the Manta this week & let you know what I find.
  10. Hello again Seems I have another issue with my Manta A. It drives well enough but when it comes to braking the wheels seem to lock up! 😯 Braking very slowly is fine, but say coming to a T junction or island & you brake normally, the brakes seems to lock making quite a bang & juddering. 😦 The car passed an MOT last month with no issues. Any idea's? (discs, pads, master cylinder?) 🤔 Please help.
  11. Cheers for all the replies guys.
  12. Hello again fellow members I want to start by wishing all OMOC members a very 'Merry Christmas'🎄& a Happy New Year 🍻 As some of you know I have a '73 Manta A. Had him for just over a year now. The car sailed through the MOT last month 😀 'HAPPY DAYS' I featured me my Manta in the latest 'Practical Classic's Magazine' but unfortunately they got my first name wrong! Oh well, never mind. 🙄 Over the past year we've attended loads of local shows & next year loads more. I would like to travel with the Manta, further a field to shows & other events. But with having a manual 4 speed gearbox it could be a bit strenuous for me & the car. So I'm toying with the idea of changing the gearbox for a 5 speed! Anybody know of which, if any, 5 speed gearbox would bolt straight on, or with very minor modifications? 🤔
  13. I don't know if anybody else has seen the advert on eBay? £10,000, White Manta A, been restored. Looks great. But it's left hand drive & it's in Poland!
  14. Wow!!! What a cracking looking A! I love the colour. Looks in really great condition. Chrome looks brilliant too. Seems a good purchase Mick.
  15. Hello again Did you manage to find the set of overiders for my Manta A? Thanks Ian
  16. Hello again fellow members Just spotted on eBay a windscreen, heated rear screen & quarter lights for the Manta A. The seller is based in Boston Lincolnshire. They asking £100 or make them an offer. May be worth keeping as a spare set. Just thought I'd let my fellow members know.
  17. Hello again fellow members Does anybody have or know of where I can get a set of bumper overiders for my Manta A? Ian
  18. I definitely wasn't thinking black anyway. Black is one of my favourite colours but not to paint my Manta! Thanks for all the kind comments for my Manta from all you fellow members. Ian
  19. Hello fellow members Thought I'd just write a quick article & show a few pictures of my Opel Manta A. She's an ongoing project. She's not the prettiest or fastest of the other Manta's out there, but she's mine! I've her now since November 2017, so just a little over 9 months. The pictures were took when she arrived on our drive last November. She was MOT'd when I bought her, but I wanted to go over the car, prior taking it on the road. After taking most of the interior out, I came across quite a few holes! But I took it to a friend with a workshop who came across more holes in the floor than I had found. But he patched her up, waxoiled her underneath & hammerited inside for quite a tidy sum of £900. OUCH! But a least she is safer to drive now. I serviced her a few weeks ago, with all genuine Bosch parts, fresh oil & antifreeze. But she's not quite running right. So she's going back to the same workshop in a the next few days for a little tune up. I removed the two spotlights a few months ago because I felt she didn't need them with her twin headlights. A previous owner had fitted a set of racing harnesses instead of the standard seatbelts. So I had to buy some of those (a Christmas present from my Wife). I added a few decals on the outside to add a little sportiness to her. Myself & my Wife have took her to a few local shows of late. Cars in the park (Lichfield) Moira (Donisthorpe) & The Barber B5000 classic car meet in Polesworth (Staffordshire) She gets quite a few looks because there isn't many Manta's left around our local area apart from an immaculate red Manta B that goes to all the local shows. She's requiring a few parts to finish off her interior. But as I said she's an ongoing project. I'm hoping to own her for a least 5 years or maybe longer. And I am toying with the idea of changing her colour, but I haven't decided yet. She's due another MOT in September, lets hope she passes. I hope to add a few more photos in the next coming months after we've been to a few more shows. Thanks for reading & looking. Ian
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