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  1. ha ha, I don't know what else to call it...vinyl?
  2. Hi Danny, it is dark grey - I think called 'black' to match the black daytona cheque interior, certainly not as light grey as the exclusive interior. The rest of my interior is immaculate - absolutely immaculate and I have a spare door card supplied from elsewhere but with a small tear in the mock leather by the winder opening and a slightly bent window rubber top rail so I just don't want to fit it, I need a really good one just to finish it off perfectly. Do ya have something pal?
  3. Hi, looking for a good grey and chrome 1985 style GTE door card for passenger side without any cut outs please. Even better if it comes with decent chrome fittings. Please let me know if anything is still available. Thanks Ian
  4. Yes, visa versa, will be nice to meet you and get your honest recomendations mate.
  5. Hi, I eventually purchased this one at a negotiated price from Ron, he was great, very honest and up front about the issues you spotted, got a lot of the issues you mentioned sorted out for me before I viewed it and did a proper job with regular photos sent to back it up, no filler. I replaced all 5 tyres with new Continentals. I had it seriously checked over by a mechanic friend on ramps and a couple of body shops checked it over too. Sorted out one or two extra minor bits myself, raised the suspension to only 30mm lowered AVO springs/damping all round, sorted the Recaro interior with pro coach fitter, replaced brakes and fuel hoses/lines, gbox rear oil seal, plus a new exhaust manifold gasket. Exhaust fine now. Yes, a lot of cash to buy and spend since to get it the way I want it but... a very nice car indeed, been after a white hatch for a long time and been checking many listings to find the right one for me. It will be well looked after and hopefully keep its value. Came with a full MOT, service, detailed photos of restoration and a lot of good spares. Rear panel will want doing next year so looking at one from Dr Manta...suppose you gotta keep ontop of these things continually. I believe in the right car for each of us is different, I love this one. Will hopefully bring it to Billing this year and meet a few of you, was in the club back in late 80s with my first white A reg hatch. Looking forward to being part of the Manta world again. Toyota Supras were nice...but no Manta.
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