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  1. Hi mate, I am really interested in those items if they are for the Coupe? but I am in Aberdeen Scotland and would need them shipped? Would that be ok? I can pay you by either paypal or money directly into bank before they were collected?? PM me if you think that could work as i need quite a lot of parts to re do my own exclusive project! Regards David
  2. Hi mate, I have sent you a text. Thanks mate, will be starting soon!
  3. Hi mate, could you also let me know when this will be available, I need loads of parts for my own project so if it is no use to Philip1971 I would defo be interested. Regards David
  4. Thanks mate, been offered a hatchback for parts but didn't know if the doors would fit. I already have all the glass on my coupe so that won't be a problem.
  5. Hi all, I know this might be a stupid question but I thought I'd still ask!! Do the doors from the Hatchback fit the Coupe? Thanks in advance for any replies
  6. Thanks mate i will do that once i know of the parts needed. Was hoping to start this weekend but my mate has had to work so won't manage! Will be posting pictures in the Ongoing Projects part once i get started.
  7. Hi all, just thought I would say hello and hope that some of you guys on here can help my Manta Dream come true. Owned a Manta GTE Exclusive Hatchback about 12 years ago but after it was stolen and recovered i sold it (and regretted it ever since). Just managed to buy a D plate GTE Coupe and looking to do a full restoration on the car. I will be needing help and probably a few prayers to get the car back to its original best and I will know more when I get it stripped down over the next few weeks!! Anybody with any parts available if you could let me know and once its stripped I will do a post with all parts needed. David
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