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  1. I do have spark, the engine runs, its only stops sparking when the engine stops turning My only reservation on the 'latching' failing to hold being the issue is I don't have injectors even when it's running, as you they are have failed to inject a single morsel of fuel into the engine, I've have then out, connected up and tried,they simply don't open when connected to the engine. Yet do open on an external source. My next step is to eliminate the chance of wiring faults by building an additional loom to take power to the injectors, and ground from them, plug the power direct and use the OE ground, and test. Then the OE power and replace the ground signal to the ECU pin 12 and Test, this will eliminate wiring issues, and I have all of the bits to try that in the workshop, parts to start swapping I don't have, so will need the nod from the owner before I start spending his cash Thanks for your help so far guys, I do appreciate it
  2. To answer a few points above, well one in particular really, I do have a noid tester, and no,it doesn't flash Just like you I was thrown by the 12v at both pins on the injectors then realised why! I think the issue is definitely with the lack of signal to the injectors, but in yet to figure out why Cheers Adam
  3. I have just connected it to a bluepoint jetronic test set, including replacing the pump relay with a switchable relay. All looks good and performs much the same with the switchable relay In. And all signals are correct, with the exception of the injector signal. It does nothing Even with easy start it cuts out, it's like it's being stopped rather than running dry, like the ecu is saying no rather than being forced to stop. I'm now thinking hall sensor, however my only reservation on this is that with the hall sensor disconnected it won't run at all, the only sensor that effects it in any way, so it suggests it's working!
  4. Thanks for the swift reply. Now they where my first thoughts, I have linked pin 30, 87, and 87a together to no avail. Also from what I can tell the relay controls the +12v supply to the injectors? This is present while the engine is cranking and running up to the point it cuts out. Does it also control the ground side of the circuit? Just also noticed that with all 4 injectors disconnected you loose the +12v feed altogether, but it returns when one injector is connected. Thanks Adam
  5. Hi all, New joiner here, shamefully jumping straight in for some tech help I have an 86' Manta GTE, which has been sat for 7 years, now it's time to get her running again! After replacing the dead fuel pump I have managed to get her firing and running, but only for a few seconds then it dies. I have confirmed that there is fuel in the rail, the 5th injector opens on startup (hense the running at all, once it's used that it cuts out) but the main injectors are not opening. Checks so far. There is fuel in the rail There is a decent spark (it runs beautifully in fact for a brief moment) The injectors do NOT inject, but.... The injectors do open when bench tested. I do have a +12v supply to the injectors when the engine is cranked right up until it cuts out I have ground to the injectors when the ignition is off, but this goes as it's cranked and doesn't come back until the engine cuts out. If I diconnect the hall sensor from the the system it will not fire at all. The coil has all the correct feeds. So, all seems to be working correctly, except for the ground switching for the injectors. But that's where I'm stuck, I can figure out why? I've checked and cleaned the ground for the ecu on the back of the inlet manifold, no change, but more interestingly, I tried it with it disconnected and it made no difference Any advice greatly received and thanks in advance. Adam
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