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  1. The wheels are the are Campagnolos, not keen on the white paint personally I'll knock up some "Centaur Register" cards if folks want some to hand out, spotting isn't easy for me living in the forrins, although I spot one every time I look out the window
  2. I stupidly forgot to check whether it was left or right hand drive when I bought a new stainless exhaust system, for the time being I'm going to "bodge" everything bar the downpipe on but will need to buy a reducer as the new pipe is 60mm, what's the internal and external size of the end section on the down pipes on a 2.0 CIH RHD Mk1 Cavalier ?
  3. I'm not sure how many there are left that are unmolested, I think even number 25 has had some work done over the years, it would certainly be handy to have some pictures and measurement to add to the knowledge base. Mine will be going into the workshop this winter so I can get plenty of pictures of the hood area and the wells behind the B pillar. I must say out of all the old cars I've had the Cavalier seems to be the best behaved, all my niggles have been down to components ageing and switchgear seizing, it's given me less grief than my 2012 Insignia The only mechanical issues I have besides the usual seeping gaskets is a noisy diff and I think the cam chain tensioner is on it's way out as there's a bit of slap at 4k+
  4. My late father was in charge of the workshops and bodyshops at KJ Motors so did the PDI on all of them, that meant bringing them home, I was taken to school in pretty much every one, when he died I decided to use some of my inheritance to get a car that we both liked, I was looking at FE Victors, Audi 200T, Monza GSE's, and the PA Velox (although I'd never get that past the wife), I eventually stumbled on a Centaur, rare enough and the fact it was in Ireland where I now live it kinda made it the car to get. That car sticks in my mind because the colour suited it, and the whole neighbours garage catching alight the night he brought it home. That looks unrestored underneath, can you get some closer pictures of the box section on the sills, specifically the jacking point areas, it looks like the rear jacking point is obscured by the extra box section like mine is. I'll take some pic of mine for reference, it's got a bit of 4x2'ish box over the front jacking point and a triangulation kinda affair going on at the back
  5. I do think that was the nicest one made If he'd like a dash sticker I'll send him one when they're printed up, has he got a Centaur badge on each wing and the boot?
  6. I'd like to see that, seen a few no T-bar conversions and targa types. I've been trying to find a contact at Mumfords as part of my research as Crayford don't seem to know much after the first 3, it's taken me into the seedy world of Marina rag tops
  7. You beauty ! Does it have the Centaur sticker on the passenger side of the dash above the glovebox as well ?
  8. Not sure, this guy has had it for quite a while, I doubt it will be the same guy that quoted another owner £10k just for paint
  9. Commission number from inside the glove box if it's still there, and if he's OK with it the chassis and engine numbers would be nice to have as I've got those for 38 of them, would make identifying missing commission numbers easier.
  10. Yes please !!! Some up to date pictures would be nice, just don't tell the owner about dad bringing it home and the neighbours garage catching alight If you could pass my details on to the owner as well Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/295740210903528 My email churchward.sg@gmail.com If neither of those are of any use to them I'll pm you my snail mail address
  11. I would do if I was a paid up member Get's a bit pricey when you have to pay to access some content on various forums, that's not a criticism, just having two other classics as well I can easily spend over £150 a year just on subs, and I've just blown some of that budget on a pair of NOS door release pull surrounds, but I can certainly knock something up now I've almost got verification of how many were actually made, still missing some commission numbers and it would seem some got shipped out to dealers and sat for a bit before being registered so can't use the reg date to fill in the blanks, I've contacted one of the few old KJ employees to confirm this as I thought they were all built to order I've been approached by "Irish Vintage Scene" to do an article for them, especially now the first one made is now living over here but been putting it off until I've sorted out where my hood has started to come away from the body, I've also considered doing a small booklet for fellow owners with any known history behind each car, but will need to contact some sources I've snaffled pictures from to get their permission to use them. Other things on my list are to get some dies machined up to reproduce the "Centaur" badges as I think I've bought all the remaining stock and those are all earmarked for various owners that are in the process of restoration. Get the dashboard decals made and find a source for the Campagnolo wheel centres (I can find quite a few but none the size I need)
  12. That was originally GUF135V, commission number 60. It's on my list as a Manta base according to the info I got from Crayfords, it was owned by the late Micky Priestman of Crayfords. It's still lurking somewhere as it's on a SORN, I'll check the list against the DVLA again to see if any have come off SORN for the summer
  13. @Titson That's the one that's mentioned in the above post BFG65T
  14. BFG65T Car number 33 has just surfaced, it will soon be making it's way back down to the west country for restoration.
  15. Mines still "fixed" in as much as it's all intact and tight bar the wooden strip the rear part is stapled to. Are you ok for badges, if not I'll see about getting some repros made up as my stock of them are all spoken for.
  16. Have you still got all the hood mechanism out ? I'd like some pics of the back shelf and void between that an the tank as I've got to fabricate something to fit rear seat belts as the law here states I can't carry a passenger under 16 in the rear without them, not a fan of lap belts so was going to use MGF belts as the sit horizontally.
  17. Not sure if you're still around @fluxmech but you wouldn't happen to be able to scan or take a picture of that letter ? I've built up a database of all the Centaurs and have around the number you say Magraw quoted in the the letter, would be nice to see it confirmed in writing.
  18. Got that on the list but no commission number sadly
  19. That's number 61, it's certainly doing the rounds of the shows, that's the second set of pictures I've received of it in the past couple of days, the others din't show it had been defiled with a manta interior though
  20. This site has a list of part numbers and descriptions that you can scrape http://www.vauxhallgreenparts.co.uk/Manta.html for Manta http://www.vauxhallgreenparts.co.uk/Cavalier_MK1.html for MK1 Cavalier
  21. Surely getting rid of one of the A's would be better
  22. Aha! That's car number 33 I've marked that as lost as it was neither taxed or on a SORN I'll put a tick in my "still exists" box
  23. TOT89T GUF135V JMV933V These are the white ones I have that were Cavalier based and now on SORN if that's any help
  24. Hi Steve Can you remember the reg number ? This is all the white ones I have on the list LIJ9716 TOT89T BFG65T NOS572T DGX124T NFS382T GUF135V (Manta Base) JMV933V JYJ222W YYV750T JHO546X Out of that list these ones are still on the road or under SORN TOT89T DGX124T GUF135V JMV933V
  25. It's still alive, currently on SORN, mot expired in July, it's always passed an MOT apart from the need to have a fog light fitted in 2008 and a blocked washer jet on 2006, I wish some of my cars had that sort of pass history
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