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  1. Good afternoon everyone. I was wondering if anyone could kindly help me out.. I need a new or working used head lamp washer motor for my 77 sr coupe. It the one that's fitted to the front radiator bracket,with a plug connector and two washer pipe ports.. If anyone could help me out with this I would be very grateful. Many thanks stuart. 🤪
  2. Bang tidy that Dave👍😁. Where did you get the ducting for the air filter from.plus what internal diameter is it.
  3. I think its cool🤪. Something different and rare.. I won't show my lad😟. I will never hear the end of it.
  4. Hi

    Just wondered whether you might have a standard exhaust manifold for a manta B series 2.0S ?



  5. Guess what. It is chocolate brownie. 🤣. I will have a look into the driving thing for him as part of his xmas presents. Is it expensive and where abouts in the uk is it. Dont mind travelling. Plus make a weekend of it. 🍺🍺🍺👍 Take care and enjoy your weekend
  6. It certainly is heart whelming. Just picked my lad up from his mum's. First thing he did was get out of the car and go over to the manta 😃 He's gonna clean and polish it tomorrow. He's got it all worked out. Then it's up to me to buy him a juicy steak for his tea👍. Anyway its Friday. So that means stella time🍺🍺🍺🍺. Speak to you soon. CHEERS.
  7. Its nice to hear that the younger generation also appreciate these classic cars.👍 We need them to be interested and enthusiastic to keep these cars going. 😁 Take care and have a good weekend. Cheers stuart and Jack.
  8. Sounds like a plan. Xmas is coming. He'd love that😃 Thanks for letting me know. He's dying for a go in my c350 merc auto. He can pick me up from the pub.🤪😁👍
  9. Your dead right. My sons the perfect one. 😉 Got more sense than I have and he's only 13...👍
  10. I know. I tried telling him that. He wasn't a full shilling. Talked a blinder but full of 💩💩. Things happen for a reason. I wouldn't of been happy selling it to him anyway as he wouldn't of looked after it. Anyone who likes dressing up in 70s clothing and going conventions can't be all there in the head can they....🤪. Plus giving the car to him,would of been like giving your pet dog to the owner of a Chinese restaurant. It would of been killed of. At least I have still got the old girl and long may it continue. At least my sons happy 😁. He didn't like the guy in the first place. 🤬Didnt trust him.
  11. Cheers guys. I have mentioned to him to look on the forum at this thread. But unfortunately he wants it saying sr on the log book. So rather than keep being messed about and listening to his moaning and the shit he is chatting. I gave him his deposit back. More trouble than its worth 🤬 So back to the drawing board. Need to find someone who understands mantas and not a knuckle dagger.🤪. My lads made up that we are keeping it for the time being.
  12. Will do. Not really arsed if they don't. Looks like quite alot of mantas aren't recorded properly on the log books. Lack of information given by dealerships and local authorities when everything went electronic.🤪
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