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  1. Sounds like my old one that I have recently sold Nice guy in Scotland bought it. Nice to see its been used 👍🥳
  2. No problem.you are very welcome. 👍😉 Take care and keep in touch.
  3. Lancaster insurance. Pictures, copies of receipts, information of work carried out. You put what you think its worth. If they agree,happy days. Valuation guaranteed for 2 years. Like I said earlier. My old b that stuart has recently purchased was valued and insured for £30.000. Stuart's got the valuation reports for the last 9 years included in the portfolio I gave him. Get all yours valued and insured correctly. Please 😢😢😢🤞
  4. Let me know when they arrive and what you think of the item I included.👍
  5. Good answer.....😉👍👍👍 Just posted your pictures you wanted. Plus an item I forgot to give you . Take care and keep in touch. 🤪
  6. My b that I have recently sold was independently valued at £20.000 Then got it insured for £30.000. Let's face it you wouldn't get another. Better to be safe than sorry. 👍
  7. Welcome to the owners club 👍 Really glad you purchased the car. Nice to know that it's gone to a really good home and will be enjoyed for a long time to come. It seems strange not seeing her in the car port😢 Dont forget if theres anything I can help you with, dont hesitate to get in touch 👍 Look after yourselves and look forward to popping up to Scotland to see you all.🤞 Keep safe and enjoy 😃 Cheers stuart and Jack.
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