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  1. Good evening everyone. Just been given information about a 38/38 webber for my car. It turns out that this carburettor isn't suitable for every day driving. Low revs,traffic etc. Only good for racing. So I will stick with my 32/36 and get a rolling road carried out to get any imperfections ironed out.😞
  2. Thanks for letting me know. If you get chance please can you send me the comparison information. Cheers 😉
  3. Cheers mate. I appreciate your help and support. I have just ordered some denso spark plugs. Just fancy a change plus a couple of people have given good reviews. Fingers crossed. 👍
  4. HI everyone. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I am thinking of changing my webber 32/36 dgv carburettor on my 1977 opel manta b coupe 1900cc, for a 38/38 webber with automatic choke set up. I just need to know if it's worth doing. I.E. more power gain. Can the original round air filter housing be fitted on top. Does the fuel economy drop drastically. Do you get better acceleration. I am not bothered about top end speed. Just off the mark. If any one has one of these carb's on there car please can you let me know if they are any good and do you gain any more power etc Or should I just stick with the 32/36 version. As always any help and support would be greatly appreciated . Cheers Stuart.
  5. Good afternoon everyone. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I want to change my spark plugs on my opel manta. It's a 1977 manta b sr coupe 1900cc. I need to know what are the best make to fit regarding performance and reliability plus manufacturers part number . I normally fit NGKs. But I have been looking at the DENSO range. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Stuart 😉
  6. Know problem. Weekend would be best .Then I can bring my lad along Where abouts do you live again Terry. We could meet in the middle for a cheeky one🍺🍺🍺🍺 somewhere. Just give me a call when you fancy getting together.
  7. Quite possibly. A nice drive out with my lad and a couple of pints. Father son bonding. ..
  8. Thanks for the kind comments. Your wife has seen it at work in burscough. Small world. 😃 Cheers Terry I really appreciate your appreciation .It means a lot . Thanks again. P,s when are we getting together for a beer. 🍺🍺🍺🍺👍
  9. I just wanted to mention that if anyone is interested in possibly wanting to buy my car or wants more information, feel free to get in touch 07870159873. OR FEEL FREE TO MAKE ME AN OFFER VIA THE FORUM. IF I DO SELL MY BABY I WANT IT TO GO TO A GOOD HOME . IDEALLY SOME ONE OFF THE OWNERS CLUB. Thanks.
  10. Cheers Terry You've done me proud. Thanks for your nice comments. I have got a figure in mind. But it will be nice to see if I am been realistic or not. Will it be a 😁 Or a 😢
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