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  1. Hi everyone. Just wondered if anyone could help me out. My gearstick gaiter has recently split. So I need either a new or good condition used one for a manta b 4 speed box. It's the internal gaiter that can be seen inside the car around the gearstick. If anyone could help me out i would really appreciate it. Cheers Stuart
  2. Hi ya pal. Thanks for the kind comments. I had it repaired and fully repainted at a body shop in the Lake District. This was done via Andy Turner just before he sadly passed away 😦. I then built the car back together to how it looks now by myself as Andys Disabled dwarf son callum wasn't capable of completing the job.plus he had sold or lost most of the parts.😠 MY advice. Be careful who you ask to do it as there are bullshitters out there as well as a few on here who talk about blinder. But basically you wouldn't trust them with a wheel barrow. Never mind your pride and joy. Good luck with your restoration. If I can help in anyway just ask. 😉
  3. Hi ya pal. Well done for asking . Nice to see you are having a go at rebuilding your car 😉 Rather than open cheque booking it to some cock who doesn't care how it ends up or if all the correct parts are there. Good look and enjoy all your hard work. 😉
  4. Thanks for the kind words of advice. Good luck with yours.😉
  5. Thanks for the advice and kind compliments. 😉 Might stick it on cars and classics with a daft price. Just to see what happens 😆 About time these early b s started making good money. Rarer than mk1 and mk2 escorts and most early ferraris. Hens teeth springs to mind 😂
  6. I will try my best to keep it. Just toying with the idea. As I need to get some money for other things 😠 But thanks again for your help and support. 😉 I will make some enquiries when I get a spare 5 minutes. 😉 Cheers
  7. Thanks for your thoughts. The colour is original and it's only covered 56.000 since new.which is fully documented. I am the 3 owner.. I would definitely accept £13.000.no less. It's like new.😉 and original. Let's just see if anyone is interested. If not I will keep her. I ain't going to give it away.
  8. Hi Dave. Thanks for your thoughts and views. I would consider sensible offers of around the asking price. I just want it to go to a good home 😉 I suppose I should put it in the cars for sale section. But I can't attach pictures. 😭 Let's see what happens Out of curiosity, what auctions would you recommend 😆.
  9. Hi everyone. I have decided to try and sell my baby😭 If anyone on the forum is interested i am after £15.000 for it including all the spares that I have. Plus 2 detailed portfolios including everything ever done and bought for the car.etc. New job and new home is the reason I have decided to try and sell it. If anyone is interested please give me a call on 07870159873. Cheers.
  10. Spray bleach and a scrubbing brush. Leave it for an hour or two. But you will have to remove or cover your interior. Did it on mine when restoring it.. Still got the odd bit of staining. RETRO. But looks a million times better. 😉 GOOD LUCK
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