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  1. Thanks rutts while crawling underneath the car I spotted where the pipe plugged back into on the manifold below the carb. Its hidden from sight behind the servo pipe .
  2. On my A series manta I fitted Weber carb with the standard breather the two vents on the rocker cover one is already connected back into the breather can the smaller one also be turned into the breather either by drilling an extra hole or using a T to join into larger pipe . Or should it just vent down side of engine into a separate catch .
  3. I got some panels from dr manta to tidy up my 71 manta so yeah a decent fit good luck and enjoy
  4. Hi Andy   I am  nearly finished getting my  1971 A series  ready for the road    I was looking to put the chrome strips back on the bodywork .  How do I get the clips secured to the panels     




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      not sure if you could modify a B series ones as they are quite different on the sill side now i have looked at mine. I hope these pics help and if you are struggling to get the A series ones have a look at some of the supplier links on my blog as someone on there will do them.





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      Hi andy   so I had the car out the last few Saturdays   she is as ugly as sin  but rock solid    had to put a new coil  as she cut out when hot   .I have an electric fuel  pump to fit . I will enjoy putting more miles up over the summer will send you some photos and videos showing her glory . I got an  A    jacking point from dr manta   horrible  fit  will have put a bit of time and effort into putting into place     Franky 

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      Hey Franky

      That's great news. Bet its nice to be out in the Manta. Had mine out twice and was not happy with the exhaust as it seemed to knock about quick a bit so decided to re-do the system again! Hoping to get her back on the road in a week or two.

      It would be nice to see some pics of yours.

      I think these days its hard to get any body parts that fit properly without adjustment unless you are very lucky to get original ones or have deep pockets to buy some from Germany!


  5. After a few years gathering dust going to do a few bits of metal work and put on a weber 32.36 will no doubt be looking for some advice 
  6. i have a 1971 manta with a solex carb that i want to change to the weber 32,36 set up i already have the weber of a 2.0 cortina just trying to find the right adaptor plate and fittings any pointers to look out for ..thanks
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