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  1. Hi, I may have just found one but pleased give me more detail on what you have spec, condition and what price, thanks Alan
  2. Basically anything from a shell upwards, if there are parts or complete cars for restoration, consider anything, is yours for sale?
  3. I'm looking for anything, never had money to buy out the box, always buy stuff requiring work, anything considered anything about?
  4. I'm looking for anything, never had money to buy out the box, always buy stuff requiring work, anything considered
  5. Now that it's in the right section DOH! Any Manta's available?
  6. Hiup I'm on the look out for a project manta, I've recently collected a number of XR's and now possibly looking to offload some for a coupe. Previously had an exclusive and a 400R years ago so open to anything that's currently available. Not put off by welding or bodywork, plenty of practise on fords. No budget set but if I'm able to sell are exchange any of my Fords then it opens the purse strings a little more before resorting to selling kidney lol. Looking forward to seeing what's available Many thanks Alan
  7. Thanks for the welcome, my weekends are all booked up which is a shame but i'm sure someone will have a camera lol
  8. Hi All Carlisle have just had its first Auto show and I was in the presence of a beautiful Ascona 400 owned by someone in Barrow, I have had this very same car as my screen saver for ages. I also learnt about the sad passing of someone I knew years ago having bought and sold Manta's and Commodores to help convert that dream of that 400. R.I.P Drew Having always been a one for being different when people were going down the mk2 Escort route, I had the Manta's and Ascona's, always wanting the Rothmans liveried 400 replicas but married life came first. Midlife life crisis ensued and Fords become more readily available and accessible, I had an XR4i, selling that for my XR3 that i've owned for 6 years. 2nd marriage and a shared interest in cars has seen me add to the portfolio with another XR4i and a mk5 Zetec S, yes I know this seems very Ford related but I now have the space to extend and try and get back to what I would love and that's the 400 Replica. I'm looking forward to renewing my relationship with the marque and continue with my mid life crisis and hopefully own such machine. Alan
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