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  1. Hi John. Are you after the 3 piece coupe spoiler or 3 piece hatch one? Got a tidy Exclusive coupe one in Chesterfield not too far from you. It's Polar white with proper paint elasticiser used so can be squashed without cracking. Centre section is perfect, Side sections are just starting to swell out but can be sorted easily. Side sections could do with repainting too., Cheers... Luke.
  2. Hi. I'm after a good pair of those thin alloy trims which go up the sides of the Manta A's A posts and hook over the roof's rain channels. They must be in good condition as they're for my show car. Must be dent free and not twisted or kinked. I can pick these up in person too. I'm in Derbyshire but don't mind travelling for a good set Thanks... Luke.
  3. Hi. RS 2000 looks smart. Not seen those RS steels banded before either but they suit it. If you wanted some unusual Manta 13s to get banded I've got a mint set of 5 German spec Manta GT/E steels that would be ideal for that. They are only fitted to foreign B GT/Es between 75 and 79 so are mega rare. They are similar to Rostyles but are 6" wide as standard. There's 5 mint chrome centre caps with them too. I've fitted 15s to mine so might as well sell them on. I'll probably bring them to VBOA. There's a matching set of decent 185 70 13s on them too but 185 60s would look better on them. I'd been saving them for a Kadett build in the future but can't see that happening now unless the car suddenly comes cheap. These wheels were all powder coated a couple of years ago so still look bright. Luke.
  4. Hi Simon. I have MBE from SBD in two of my cars and connecting it to the car is very simple. That 225 kit uses throttle bodies and its own engine wiring loom which connects to your car's wiring with the following; ignition live ( fed from small black wire to coil ) A wire out to your fuel pump relay ( signal to relay ) , a signal wire to your rev counter ( small green wire on coil ) Then an earth. The rest of your car's other wiring for oil pressure, coolant temp, starter, alternator etc is near enough the same. I don't know if lhd exhaust Manifolds are available over there as the rhd ones over here catch lhd steering columns so have to be chopped about a bit. I also kept the clutch fork sticking out of the rhd side of the gearbox and had a longer clutch cable made. I sent my old one to Speedy Cables in Wales, telling them I needed one the same but a fair bit longer. This was cheap too. Luke.
  5. I bought some of those Englemann copies for my B GT/E and they look identical apart from the logo on top saying " Victory " instead of Englemann. The quality isn't very good though. The brackets fastening them to the doors have crumbled within 3 months and they have both gone wobbly even though the car hasn't moved since they were fitted. They are both left hand ones too and the lenses slope the same way as each other. The pics in the Ebay add hide this. If I make new brackets ( these are hidden inside the mirrors ) then they'll be secure but I think I'll fit proper ones instead. I still have the round chrome ones I removed if you wanted these? Luke. Did the A series GT/E have Englemanns? I was going to fit a set to my A series. Luke.
  6. 399 road

    Manta B GT/E

    Been away from this project while I've been restoring my Manta A. Looks like this GT/E B is ready for MOT as soon as the weather improves so it'll be at the shows this summer. Hopefully joined by my restored Manta A. Luke.
  7. Hi. Yes I did but I'm not sure if they meant me or not. I bought quite a bit of stuff off them for my Mantas, Ascona and Escort and they knew where I was from. Not been there for a couple of years now but when I dig my Escort back out I'll be up there again I'm sure. Luke.
  8. Yep. I have Mantas with Quaife ATB ( helical type ) and ZF plate LSDs and plate one is much better. Once it's locked it stays locked until you back off where as the Quaife one keeps changing its mind. Luke.
  9. I think Ashley did a Manta specific one, but couldn't be sure. The Ashley Mk2 Escort XE ones used to be a sensible price from Rally and Competition equipment in Stoke on Trent but like I said, need work to clear the gearbox crossmember on a Manta B.
  10. Don't buy the fancy looking one from SBD. It's listed as fitting Escort, Sunbeam, Chevette, Manta etc and doesn't fit round Manta suspension. I bought one, tried it and had to return it minus a 20 percent handling charge. Shame as it looked smart. The Ashley XE Mk2 Escort ones almost fit, but catch on your gearbox crossmember. With a bit of cutting and welding they work, but are an expensive thing to chop about.
  11. I've got the Mantamorphin bolt on kit on the back of my A.series. It looks like Sierra/Granada rear calipers with Mk3 Escort solid discs and uses the original A series cable. Ideally it looks like a longer or custom cable would improve this as when the car squats it applies the handbrake slightly. No amount of adjustment seems to stop this and the outer casing of the cables run quite tightly between their mounts. The caliper brackets look sturdy enough though. This kit mounts the calipers on top of the axle as they'd be on the Sierra. 13" wheels fit over these ok but I'll be changing to a larger set up as they look a bit small. They work ok though. On one of my other Mantas I've made some brackets out of 6mm steel and these are welded in line with the square section on the end of my axle. This one uses Sierra Cosworth 4x4 vented rear discs and calipers with no spacers. I've had Speedy cables shorten me a Sierra cable and this seems to be a tidier conversion. This one has the calipers mounted behind the axle and looks better. These discs are about 280mm if I remember right. They need 15s to clear them. The Sierra discs needed redrilling to 4x100 and a small spigot ring between the stub on the shaft and the middle hole in the discs. This is the set up I'll convert my A series too, along with the 280mm front Sierra Cosworth discs and Vectra calipers. Some of those modern Alloy calipers sound like a good idea now as Sierra ones are getting rare and expensive.
  12. There's a Lenk one on ebay at the moment. I'd like some fibreglass or carbon bumpers if anyone knows of any?
  13. Is it roadworthy or a project? What plans have you got for it?
  14. A scruffy second hand fibreglass one sold on ebay a fortnight ago for £270. The brand new Lenk ones are £100 cheaper including postage.
  15. Hi Fin. I've got one on order which should be here next week. They're easy to deal with and don't mind communicating in English.
  16. I think I'd change the wheels too. If you like the look of the Chevette HS ones and decide to fit those, be careful not to get Firenza Droop snoot ones as the stud spacing isn't suitable. That Black car looks real tidy in those pics. A good price if it's solid.
  17. Have a really good look round the car's body as panels for these are expensive and some panels are hard to find. Mine looked mint when I bought it a year ago and now I'm replacing wings,arches, sill ends etc. Make sure body is solid and not just a beautiful but rusty car that's been polished up to sell it. I think the price is good if it's got good panels and paint. Sorting rust that might look like a tiny bubble could lead into a few grand quite easily. Manta Turbo styling sounds good though and a modified car will be easier to run with unleaded fuel, ease of sourcing engine bits etc etc. Good luck.
  18. Ok, no worries. I'll keep looking thanks ☺.
  19. Front wings are sorted. Just need a front valance still.
  20. Hi. I have a great wing for the driver's side and I'm just up the M1 in Chesterfield. It's a genuine GM panel and was fitted to a C plate GT/E in 1996 by the main dealers, Silks of Buxton when this car had an accident, it was then used for a year and in 97 the car came off the road as its fuel tank started leaking. I got the car in 2006 and stripped it as it had stood in a garage unused. I bare metalled this wing, welded up the aerial hole, treated the inside and outside with rust preventative, etch primed it and then two pack primed it. Then got two brand new ones given to me so used the new ones on my restoration instead. I've got the passenger one too in its 1996 paint so you can see how solid it was before it was treated and primed. It's been rattling round in my garage for a while now and I've got one of those trim strips too. Looking for £100 for the wing and strip please. It's totally rust free but will probably have a bit of light scratching on that primer through storage. I can't remember if it had side repeater holes though. Could be viewed on Saturday or I could get pics for you? Luke.
  21. Another Red hatch, looked like a GT/E with black centred lattice alloy wheels. Was on a recovery truck. Who's is this one? I was heading South and it was either the A1 or the A168 where I saw it.
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